Is Sandra Ali Married? Why Fans Think WDIV Anchor Secretly Divorced Sean Ray

Is Sandra Ali Married? Why Fans Think WDIV Anchor Secretly Divorced Sean Ray

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

On Sunday, January 22, 2023, Michigan news station WDIV-TV said goodbye to one of its longtime anchors, Sandra Alli. Sandra joined the network in 2010 and was Channel 4’s go-to person for the weekend nightly news. Sandra has also appeared on CNN and Fox News on behalf of WDIV.

“I’m heading towards a great, new opportunity,” Sandra said during her final broadcast. “This decision was mine. I’m excited and focused on the future.”

The caster said, “I can’t wait to see you all again on TV.

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WDIV watchers may miss anecdotes about Sandra’s family. During her run, Sandra opened up about her personal life, and she often spoke about her husband and their children. However, Sandra’s fans have seen some evidence leading to her objections, so she’s wondering if the anchor is currently married.

(Left): Sandra Ali and Bryan Schuerman at Local 4 in January 2023.

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Sandra Ali married fellow journalist and Local 4 anchor Sean Ray.

Sandra isn’t the only public figure in her family. Castor’s husband, Sean Ray, is also an Emmy Award-winning journalist for Local 4. Sean and Sandra met when Sean took a job in Detroit, where Sandra lived and worked at the time.

When he found out that his “dream girl” was moving to his former city of Cincinnati, he offered her his favorite hotspot. A year after they met, they crossed paths when Sean came across Sandra’s house, which had recently been put up for sale.

Sean took the unexpected reunion as a signal to invite Sandra, and their romance took off from there. The pair reportedly got married in 2006 at her Hills country club in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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(Left): Sandra Alli and Sean Levy in 2018.

Fans have seen Anchor without her wedding ring.

According to multiple fans on message board Buzzboard, Sandra has been spotted several times without her wedding ring, dating back to August 2021. Someone else claimed the couple filed for divorce in November 2019, but kept the divorce out of the public eye.

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Neither Sandra nor Sean have confirmed their divorce and no legal documents have been found indicating a separation. There are no photos of either. Instead, both anchors share photos of their children and work commitments.

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Sandra Ali and Sean Ray have four children, including twins!

After they tied the knot, Sandra and Sean began expanding their family.In 2010, Sandra gave birth to her first son, Roman. The pair then welcomed her daughter Isla and twin boys, Grant and Tamer.

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With more children, the couple had to balance work and home responsibilities. In 2012, Sandra wrote an open letter to Sean on her Father’s Day, praising her dedication to her husband’s legacy.

“My husband leaves for work in the middle of the night to get ready for the morning show,” Sandra wrote to WDTV when the oldest was a toddler. But by the time my husband got home from a long day at Local 4, he was greeted by an energetic, non-stop 2-year-old.

“Despite being hazy and sleep deprived, he never let our little guy down,” she added. I found the energy to go on.”

Sandra also posted a Father’s Day tribute to her husband in June 2018. In her latest post about her husband, she took credit for dealing with all her children’s “dirty diapers” while maintaining her husband’s career.

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