Is Heather Altman Pregnant? Here's What We Know

Is Heather Altman Pregnant? Here’s What We Know

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The realtors behind Million Dollar Listing are not ashamed to enter the real estate race. Since the show began, fans have seen several cast members fall in love with other agents, including Josh Flagg and his current boyfriend Andrew Bayer. started dating after Josh divorced co-star Bobby Boyd.

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Then there are MDLLA power couples like Josh and Heather Altman. The pair married in 2016, fulfilling their dream as a unit.In addition, they embarked on a new journey together when they became parents to two children, Alexis “Lexi” and Ace.

Heather and Josh clearly have their hands full with their burgeoning careers, reality shows, and two little kids at home. However, some fans are curious to know if there will be another addition to the Altman Brothers dynasty. So is Heather Altman pregnant? Read on to find out!

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Josh Altman and Heather Altman

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Is Heather Altman pregnant? Fans of the Million Dollar Listing are curious.

In December 2022, Heather and Josh are back on the Million Dollar List for Season 14. The season began with Heather settling into her new role as CEO of Altman Brothers. Fans will also see more of Josh and Heather’s children, but sadly, there won’t be another pregnancy.

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At the time of this writing, Heather is not pregnant with her and Josh’s third child. And to be honest, we’re not exactly sure how the third baby rumors started. She frequently posted snaps of her on social media.

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The Bravo star’s social media accounts also show no signs of the current new pregnancy, as Heather’s Instagram is still filled with content from her, Josh, Lexi, and Ace. In January 2023, she posted several snaps and videos to ring in her new year.

In August 2022, Heather and Josh shared that their children are beginning their first school days. bottom. While discussing the big day, Josh reflected on how much his kids are growing up.

Lexie and Ace’s first day of school last week,” Josh captioned a photo of the kids. “Awesome experience with @theheatheraltman. flow of time.”

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How did Josh Altman and Heather Altman meet?

Heather and Josh haven’t welcomed another baby, but the couple says their marriage is better than ever. gave The Daily Dish an insight into how their relationship works.

The pair met on camera and had their first date. Heather said it affected them early on. She said it was “hard to stop” the work they were doing when they were together.Luckily, now that Josh and Heather are married, her communication skills have improved.

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“We’ve made it easier to navigate relationships and just allow[ing] “That’s why we’re so successful in business and at home…we’ve finally hit our groove.”

Josh Altman and Heather Altman

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And if the couple were to face a rough patch, they vowed not to let the fight affect their home or personal life.

“[If it’s] home game, after [we] Please leave it at home,” said Heather. “We get to the office and if it’s a work fight, [we] Please don’t bring it to the dinner table with the kids…” said Heather. “Josh knows who the boss is.

Million Dollar Listing airs Thursday nights at 9:00 PM EST on Bravo.


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