Is Frank in The Last of Us game? Character Description

Is Frank in The Last of Us game? Character Description

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Spoiler alert: This article contains synopsis details for Episode 3. Last of Us on HBO.

Gamers and loyal TV watchers alike are delighted with the state of HBO’s The Last of Us. The popular and critically acclaimed series is a live-action adaptation of the equally acclaimed video game, first released on his PlayStation 3 in 2013. A smuggler named Joel (Pedro Pascal) escorts a girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to the United States while fending off fungus-infested monsters.

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The show has already taken some steps to recreate the game with accuracy, depth and nuance. There’s a little more room to expand and expand on previously uncovered elements. Even longtime fans of the game may not immediately recognize Frank, but was he in the original game?

(lr) Bill and Frank from The Last of UsSource: HBO

Bill and Frank in “The Last of Us”

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Is Frank in the “Last of Us” game? Let’s break down the character.

CW: References to suicide

Season 1, Episode 3 of The Last of Us is primarily a flashback episode where we first meet Frank. Years after the first Cordyceps outbreak, he has a chance to meet Bill (Nick Offerman). He is an end-of-life preparer living in a well-stocked but remote town to survive the pandemic. Falling into one of his many traps, Frank is reluctantly taken in by Bill and the two eventually develop feelings for each other.

Since this is a completely original story from the show, fans of the game can be forgiven for not remembering these scenes from the game. share a loving relationship, they take the opportunity to fully establish Bill’s sexuality, which was previously left ambiguous.

However, that doesn’t mean Frank is an original character. Frank is mentioned briefly in the game, albeit in a much darker context.

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Bill discusses Frank when he and Joel inadvertently come across his dead body. He hints that they lived together for a while before Frank left Bill’s safe house after a big altercation.

He and Joel discover Frank’s body hanging from the ceiling, revealing that Frank was infected at some point and presumably committed suicide before turning.

Frank's last message

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As the player explores, Frank’s suicide note can be found and shown to Bill, revealing that Frank has come to despise Bill over the years and openly cursed him in his final moments. became.

Their relationship ended unluckily in-game, but in the show they are part of a complicated but loving couple who spend over 12 years together. Their love story ends in tragedy, but the two end up caring deeply for each other.

New episodes of The Last of Us premiere every Sunday at 9pm on HBO.


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