Invoices in Google Sheets 

Invoices in Google Sheets 


Invoices in Google Sheets were heard long ago as it was the only way to save invoices until the mobile invoice service started. It has become vital for every business, and here is the reason why:

Mobile invoicing

It is a super quick method to bill your customers from your mobile phone. Send your invoices the minute you finish the job, and the customer can pay you instantly and safely. Digital invoices can also be sent through WhatsApp, email, iMessage, Telegram, or text. Later the customer can pay online from wherever they are. Check online applications because they are best in making your work easier and sending and managing your invoices in minimum steps. You can send them your invoices and get your work done quickly.

Reasons to consider Mobile invoicing

many small business owners are rarely in front of their computer and work remotely; henceforth, Mobile invoicing is convenient because it is easy to manage their business finances is vital to get paid quickly.

benefits of mobile invoice

  1. Save time: instantly make and send invoices while on the move, no more extra hours on invoices in Google Sheets. Just connect with us on your IOS or Android phone and send us all the details.
  2. Get paid instantly: its invoices get paid instantly. Money from the invoices comes directly in the bank account after being paid in one to two business days, available via ACH, payment gateways, and its payment powered by Stripe, Chase, Ideal, Paypal, ApplePay, and GooglePay.
  3. Send invoices in different languages: small-scale businesses also trade globally and can send their invoices using it in multiple languages or customize their invoices as per their custom language.
  4. Automated live exchange rates: it supports more than 150 currencies if you send invoices in a different currency to your own and will automatically calculate the exchange rate.
  5. Never miss a regular payment: keep proper track of your recurring invoices. Its mobile invoicing link will automatically make recurring invoices at a time and date as per your schedule.
  6. Manage cash flow: smooth your cash flow out and request a deposit upfront before starting a job. Keep tracking your payments in real-time to know what money is coming in and what is overdue. Add an automated payment schedule to your invoice by using it, and you will never forget to pay again.
  7. Send reminders: do you have overdue or unpaid invoices? Instantly send reminders to your customers from your cellphone device to prod them to settle their bills.
  8. Keep tracking your invoices: With Mobile invoicing, you can easily track outstanding invoices, fully paid or partially paid. Invoices can be sorted by paused or open, overdue, sent, paid, rejected, or partially paid.
  9. Book more work: make and send an estimate via your cellphone and with just one tap, convert your quote to an invoice once the job is complete.
  10. Empower your team: small businesses may need to delegate their Mobile invoicing to keep on top of the work flowing into their team members.

Happy invoicing


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