Inside Jason Momoa's Intense Rock Climbing Workout

Inside Jason Momoa’s Intense Rock Climbing Workout

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Just look at actor Jason Momoa and you’ll know he’s serious about maintaining his ripped physique. Over the years, fans and admirers have admired Jason’s body and ability to stay in shape.

As an actor, being able to maintain a perfect physique is key to landing certain roles. Throughout Jason’s career, the 43-year-old has landed various action-packed roles, including continuing his role as Aquaman in his second film in the franchise.

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That said, staying healthy takes a lot of dedication and persistence. Jason is open about falling off the wagon from time to time, but uses a variety of techniques and training, including rock climbing, to stay in proper shape.

This is Jason’s 4-1-1 about his love of sports.

Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa says rock climbing played a big part in getting him in shape for Aquaman 2.

On October 21, 2021, Jason took to YouTube to show fans how to train to get back in shape for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. In this video, Jason takes viewers inside the hub of The Rock’s climbing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, which also offers yoga.

“I haven’t been training as much as I should have been because of COVID-19,” Jason says. “We work out in the backyard.”

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Jason goes on to say that the facility has a 50-foot-tall climbing wall. As the stars bring viewers to the facility, colorful walls map climbing sections for customers. Jason then explains why he’s so excited about the climbing gym.

“I grew up in Iowa, so there’s a special place to climb in the gym. There’s not a lot of climbing and you have to travel far,” Jason says. “I love being outside, but watching kids grow, teaching and watching them grow is so inspiring.”

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Jason Momoa

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Interestingly, Jason says he has always been a fan of rock climbing, even though he suffers from tendonitis. Unfortunately, this affects Jason’s workout regimen. Viewers can see the assistant massaging Jason’s bulky arm using his scraper tool.

MayoClinic shares, “Tendinitis is inflammation of the thick fibrous cords (tendons) that attach muscle to bone.” Unfortunately, “the condition causes pain and tenderness just outside the joint.”

As the video continues, Jason can be seen teaching his cousin how to climb in exchange for free surf lessons.

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Jason Momoa shares his love of rock climbing in his new series “The Climb” for HBO Max.

Calling all rock climbing enthusiasts. We encourage you to add HBO Max’s new series The Climb to your must-see list.

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According to an HBO Max synopsis, the series is hosted by Jason Momoa, American Ninja Warrior contestant Megan Martin, and legendary rock climber Chris Sharma.

“The Climb is a visual, life-changing adventure that explores the fundamentals of rock climbing and the exploration of the human psyche,” said the synopsis. “This competition challenges amateur climbers to take on a demanding series of challenges, brave some of the most terrifying climbs in the world, and challenge the world’s best amateur climber to win her prAna-sponsored climbing career and her $100,000. will give you a prize.”

Climbers are tasked with climbing various rocks with their bare hands and cunning scaffolding despite battling bad weather. Additionally, climbers only have water to prevent a fall in the event of a slip. No rope assist.

Catch new episodes of The Climb Tuesdays on HBO Max.


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