'Infinity Pools' Ending Explained: Wild Vacations (Spoilers)

‘Infinity Pools’ Ending Explained: Wild Vacations (Spoilers)

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Spoiler alert: This article contains infinity pool.

After much anticipation, Brandon Cronenberg’s latest film, Infinity Pools, has finally hit theaters. In our opinion, this sci-fi horror film starring the criminally underrated Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth takes a vacation to an all-inclusive isolated island resort in Lee Toluca’s fictional providence. I am following a wealthy couple spending time together.

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After meeting another couple, James (Skarsgard) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) soon encounter a culture filled with “violence, hedonism and untold horror,” according to the official plot. “The tragic accident leaves them immediately confronted with a policy of no tolerance for crime. If they are executed or can afford it, they can watch themselves die instead.” .”

It’s completely silly, but by the end, viewers are confused. This is the ending of the infinity pool.

Mia Goth as Gabi Bauer and Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster in Source: Neon

Mia Goth as Gabi Bauer and Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster in “Infinity Pools”

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This is the ending of “Infinity Pool”.

By the end of Infinity Pools, audiences will realize that this film has taken the “eating the rich” subgenre to new heights.

After learning that there are no inevitable consequences, James embarks on a dangerous and disturbing path alongside other self-proclaimed “zombies”, including Gabi (Mia Goth). This horror film explores the debauchery that James and the others rise to as they give in to every vile desire morality urges us to avoid.

“Zombie” slowly breaks James down, encouraging him to be as cruel and abusive as he wants. I realized that they didn’t have their best interests at heart. He attempts to flee the resort, but the gang pursues him and forces him back at gunpoint.

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Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster in 'Infinity Pools'

Source: Neon

Gabi eventually reveals that she and the others have targeted James since he showed up at the resort and finds him pathetic.

She says the group is abusing him for entertainment and wants to turn him into a fellow murderous tourist. shot in the leg. Wounded, he collapses outside a remote farm, whether it be the home of the man he accidentally killed a few days earlier.

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The gang eventually track him down and arrive with James’ double, whom they call Dog. They tell him that the clone must be killed to complete the transformation. He initially refuses, but when Double attacks James, he beats the clone to death.

The next day, they all return to America.

On their way to the airport, the group casually chats about their lives, as if the events of the past few days really were nothing. James is visibly shaken by everything about him, so he decides to stay in a resort that has been emptied during the rainy season and accept the reality that he belongs there.

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So James was a double at the end of ‘Infinity Pool’?

The critically acclaimed (yet disturbing) film addresses one of audiences’ biggest questions. — we never get an answer. As far as we know, the police were able to replace the bodies at the last minute and allow the real James to be executed at the hands of the victim’s brother.

Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster's double in 'Infinity Pools'Source: Neon

Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster’s double in ‘Infinity Pools’

So it’s hard to tell if James was a double at the end, but a guess would be that it wasn’t. But Doubles gets the memories, emotions, and everything in between of real people. What do you think? let us know!

The infinity pool is now in theaters.


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