'I Am Jazz' star Jazz Jennings faces death threats

‘I Am Jazz’ star Jazz Jennings faces death threats

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As the TLC series I Am Jazz enters its eighth season, Jazz Jennings is back at Harvard as a sophomore. The back-to-school season is usually filled with excitement about new classes and meeting new people. Unfortunately, after revealing in the Season 8 trailer that he’s been receiving near-constant death threats, Jazz is also getting more anxious.

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Jazz’s family in Florida are understandably concerned about their daughter going to school in Massachusetts, increasing the threat to her safety.I Am Jazz season 8 and Jazz’s feelings about the threat , read everything we know.

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Jazz Jennings revealed on Season 8 of ‘I Am Jazz’ that he’s been receiving near-constant death threats.

In the Season 8 trailer, Jazz explains that public appearances can be difficult. “I’ve been through a lot of mental health issues, and I’ve had anxiety attacks at times,” she told the camera.In another scene, she was directed to her social media page. Read out loud threats and slander to her friends.

In the trailer’s most tense moment, Jazz admits to his friends, “Someone wants to kill me because I’m transgender.” The scene then switched to her mother Janet, who said, “Look at me. This is serious.” In a narration, Janet said, “We’ve had death threats before. But this is different. She has someone out there who knows where she lives.”

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Janet added, “I’m absolutely horrified because there’s no timeline regarding death threats.” Jazz, on the other hand, feels comfortable at Harvard and “feels protected at school.” has my back and will handle any situation,” she says. “But it’s really, really scary. And it’s sad that we live in a world where people want to kill other people just because of who they are.”

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In an interview with People magazine, Jazz elaborated on the kinds of threats he sees on social media simply because they exist. It’s abominable.”

“But if someone sends a threat to where you live and they know where you are, someone is stalking you a little bit and you know they have these malice. It’s a really, really scary feeling.”

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Jazz had previously taken a leave of absence from Harvard University after struggling with her mental health. It is also surprising that

After the clip’s release and Jazz’s honest acknowledgment of the violence directed against her, some fans began suggesting that the show should end for her own sake.

Catch I Am Jazz on TLC Tuesday at 10 PM ET.

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