How to mark enemies in Fortnite

How to mark enemies in Fortnite

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Source: Epic Games

If you want to earn a Victory Royale in Fortnite, you have to watch 99 other players walking around the map. It’s no easy task, but a handy feature called “Marking” allows you to watch nearby enemies and gain a spot in the final circle. You’ll be tracked for a short time, giving you powerful information to help you survive. Whether you’re up for a weekly challenge or just want to keep an eye on the competition, here’s how to mark your opponents in Fortnite.

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How to mark enemies in “Fortnite”.

There are several ways to mark enemies in Fortnite in Chapter 4. The easiest way is to use the “place marker” button to ping the location while looking at the enemy. This is often the best way to mark a player at the start of a match and alert teammates of what is happening in the area around them.

Fortnite Falcon Scout

Source: Epic Games

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One of the newest ways to mark your enemies is with a Falcon Scout. This device allows surveillance drones to fly high in the air and mark any enemies they encounter. They are all over the map and are a great way to mark your enemies in Fortnite.

Other ways to mark enemies include capturing capture points and using augments. Some augments can mark enemies after attacking them with a weapon, while others can mark enemies when new circles are announced. Consider unlocking these whenever you can, and few things in Fortnite are more valuable than knowing your enemy’s location.

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Everything you need to know about marking enemies with the Falcon Scout.

Falcon Scout is one of the newest additions to Fortnite, so players are still figuring out how to best use their gadget. However, it’s easy to understand the basics. First, you’ll need to make sure you’re in a good hiding spot before deploying your items. So if an enemy stalks your drone, you can easily drop out of the match.

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After finding a suitable hiding place and activating the Falcon Scout, some skills become available. The most useful action is Scan for Enemies, which marks nearby people. You can also ping a location to place a marker. Falcon Scouts can also open chests and move downed teammates. This makes it a great way to explore your surroundings without putting yourself in danger.

Scout for victory!

Locate and deploy new Falcon Scout items to pick up loot, send pings, and cow out radius to mark enemies from a distance.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) January 18, 2023

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If an enemy starts firing at your Falcon Scout, you can temporarily increase your speed and escape to safety. You can’t take a lot of damage before going down, so be as careful as you can while flying, ideally launch your drone, mark a few enemies, then return to your main character and target can be cornered.

Used properly, marking a target in Fortnite can go a long way toward earning a Victory Royale.


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