How to knock down bushes in 'Fortnite'

How to knock down bushes in ‘Fortnite’

Source: Epic Games

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Online battle royale Fortnite is deep in Chapter 4 Season 1, but Epic Games continues to bring new content to the game. One of his more recent additions is Big Bush Bombs. This is a unique item that creates bushes to hide in. This may not be the most useful gadget (high level players find hiding places quickly). New weekly quests. If you want to complete quests and earn easy XP, here’s how to beat bushes in Fortnite.

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How to knock down bushes in “Fortnite”.

Before you can start destroying bushes all over the map, you first need to find the Big Bush Bomb. Thankfully, this is a simple task. The Big Bush Bomb can be found on the map like any other item, so keep an eye out for chests, supply him drops, and glowing items on the ground in popular hotspots. With any luck, you’ll come across Big Bush Bomb within minutes of your search.

big bush bomb

Source: Fortnite

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Once you’ve added the Big Bush Bomb to your inventory, simply equip the item, aim your target, and press the shoot button to throw. If you throw a bush, when you get close to it, it will automatically hide inside.

Chapter 4, Season 1 Weekly Quests require you to hide in two different bushes. This means you will have to repeat the above process again to complete the quest and earn XP. However, with 16,000 XP, it’s worth your time.

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How to use the Big Bush Bomb like an expert.

The Big Bush Bomb isn’t the best item in Fortnite, but it still serves an important purpose. The main reason I want to hunt them down is because of the quest mentioned above (and his 16,000 XP). However, bombs are also useful if you’re trying to evade an enemy or simply think you’re losing.

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The best way to use the Big Bush Bomb is to hide your location when no other players are nearby. Disguise is a little easier to spot at close range, but if you can put some distance between the enemy (e.g. using Shockwave’s Hammer), throwing a Big Bush Bomb is a good way to hide. am. your truck.

Whatever you do, do not use the Big Bush Bomb on man-made surfaces such as roads or roofs. Bushes will never spawn in any of these locations in Fortnite, and if you decide to put Big Bush Bomb in one of those locations, it’s clear that someone is hiding inside. Using a Big Bush Bomb as a decoy might work in those locations, if you can find a secondary hiding spot for it.

You can also combine the Big Bush Bomb with the Bush Warrior Augment to restore a little health.

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