How to Kill Enemies Without Ranged Weapons in Fortnite

How to Kill Enemies Without Ranged Weapons in Fortnite

Source: Epic Games

John Bitner - author

If you want to level up quickly in Fortnite, you’re probably looking at weekly challenges. While these tend to be easy ways to earn XP, one of the latest additions is a little more difficult than usual. and you have to kill an enemy with no ranged weapons in your inventory.

To successfully complete the quest, you’ll need to know exactly what qualifies as a ranged weapon in Fortnite and find a way to eliminate it. Here we take a closer look at how to achieve these goals.

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What are Ranged Weapons in Fortnite?

The main thing to consider when tackling this weekly quest is that ranged weapons are off limits. You can use them to deal some initial damage, but you’ll want to make sure you remove them all from your inventory before eliminating your target. what is it?

Fortnite ranged weapons

Source: Epic Games

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The list is extensive (and always in flux as new weapons are added/removed from the game). SMGs, rifles, shotguns, pistols, or any other weapon capable of damaging enemies more than an arm’s length away can be classified as ranged weapons.

Remember – this weekly quest not only asks you not to use ranged weapons, you have nothing in your inventory! Discard whatever you have and replace it with a melee weapon or healing item.

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How to eliminate players without ranged weapons in Fortnite.

It may look intimidating, but there are some easy ways to eliminate players in Fortnite without using ranged weapons. Another drawback of this challenge is that it must be completed on foot. This allows you to forget about ramming enemies with your vehicle.

shockwave hammer fortnite

Source: Epic Games via Twitter

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Consider searching for Shockwave Hammer instead. Not only do they provide incredible melee damage, but their second skill allows them to bounce around the map (a skill that easily closes gaps with their targets).

A Shockwave Hammer is your best bet for completing this weekly quest, but you can also use your trusty pickaxe. Since it doesn’t do much damage, this tactic is best deployed at the start of the match before someone gains a full shield. It takes a few hits, but the pickaxe is a perfectly viable way to eliminate players.

Still struggling with this weekly quest? Finding bot lobbies that offer easier enemies that can be easily killed with a pickaxe or shockwave hammer might be worth your time.

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