How many Pac-12 teams qualified for the 2023 NCAA Tournament?

How many Pac-12 teams qualified for the 2023 NCAA Tournament?

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The Pac-12 made a decent display at Selection Sunday. The 2023 NCAA Tournament field will feature his four teams from the Pac-12, led by the #2 seeded UCLA Bruins and Arizona Wildcats in their respective regions.

Overall, the Pac-12 is well below the list of total teams on the field compared to other conferences such as the Big Ten, SEC and Big 12. In March Madness, he has only one more ACC team than the Pac-12 team. .

UCLA and Arizona are well positioned to advance to the top of this year’s NCAA Tournament. UCLA looks like a better fit, but they lost major contributor to the season, Jaylen Clarke. I had a few uncharacteristic stumbles before defeating the . I think UCLA is a better way to the Final Four, but you have to go through Gonzaga or TCU and Kansas to get there.

Check out the full version of March Madness here.

Pac-12 Teams for the 2023 NCAA Tournament

UCLA Bruins (2 seeds)Arizona Wildcats (2 seeds)USC Trojans (10 seeds)Arizona State University (11 seeds)

Did Oregon Host an NCAA Tournament?

Unfortunately, the Oregon Ducks did not qualify for this year’s tournament. So despite wins over Arizona, Arizona State and USC during the regular season, they weren’t even close to making it to the tournament. There weren’t many other Pac-12 teams considering the NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA tournament is available on various live streaming platforms including FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, DIRECTV, YouTube TV and Sling TV. If you’re planning on watching UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State University, and USC in this year’s tournament, you’ll want to know when. We will share more information once the schedule is announced.

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