How Did Tess Die in 'The Last of Us'? (Spoilers)

How Did Tess Die in ‘The Last of Us’? (Spoilers)

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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers Last of Us upon HBO.

Death is going to be a fairly common phenomenon in the world of The Last of Us.

After her death, many viewers wanted to know more about how Tess died and why Joel and Ellie ultimately decided to leave her behind and continue moving west.

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Joel and Tess

How did Tess die in ‘The Last of Us’?

The latest episode of The Last of Us picks up where the last left off when Joel, Tess, and Ellie begin their adventures outside the Boston quarantine area. Most of the episode is spent trying to find a way for the three to move around the city safely. They discover that the infected have moved outside since Joel and Tess last moved through the area, so he decides to try moving one of the city’s museums.

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The museum appears empty at first, but eventually finds two infected upstairs and fights them off. After defeating the infected, Tess’ ankle was sprained and Ellie was bitten again. Joel and Tess thought they had completed their mission when they arrived at City Hall, but found that the firefly waiting there was dead.

Tess says she never asked Joel to make her feel the way she felt. Sorry if he walks out thinking he doesn’t love me I will forever scream into the void #thelastofus

— Lauren 🌿 TLOU SPOILERS (@frnkiemorales) January 23, 2023

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After Joel shoots the infected, he triggers an army that comes to take them down. When she compares the bite marks near her own neck to Ellie’s, she finds that Ellie won’t get infected like Tess. Her Ellie mark is a small cut and her Tess mark is already red and inflamed.

Tess then begins pouring gasoline all over the floor, splattering it with grenades. She is determined to buy the time Joel and Ellie need to escape. Although they are hesitant to leave her at first, Joel eventually realizes that Tess is her destiny and drags Ellie out of her building. Tess then manages to light the lighter just as her infected begin to flow in and her infected begin to kiss her, causing the building to explode.

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From now on, it’s just Joel and Ellie.

The trio at the center of the first episode of The Last of Us is now a duo. Joel vows to pass her Ellie safely into the hands of his two characters, Bill and Frank, whom viewers have yet to meet. Joel and Ellie’s journey lasts longer than expected, and her final destination is a hospital on the other side of the country.

Fans of the game may know what’s coming, but those just watching the show are in the dark. evolved into the story of


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