How did radio host Lynne Bremmer die?

How did radio host Lynne Bremmer die?

Tatyana Yomaly - author

Chicago radio personality Lynn Bremer, best known for hosting WXRT in the morning, has passed away. he was 68 years old. Lynn, who spent nearly 40 years with WXRT, was announced his passing by his colleague and friend Terry Hemert via his social media.

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WXRT fans have taken to social media to offer their condolences to Lynn’s family, but what happened? What was Lynn Bremmer’s cause of death? This is all we know.

Lynn Bremmer

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Lynn Bremmer passed away after a battle with prostate cancer.

On January 22nd, 2022, at around 10am, Terry shared on Facebook that Lynn passed away surrounded by his wife Sarah Farr and son Wilson. Unfortunately, Lynn endured a long battle with cancer that led to her death.

Lynn has been very open about his cancer, revealing it on Twitter in July 2022, before taking time off for chemotherapy.

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Lynn said prostate cancer was found early and treated, but it had spread to other areas, prompting his leave.

“I have been battling prostate cancer for several years,” Lynn’s statement read. “I have been through various radiation treatments, biopsies, CT scans, MRIs, and medications.”

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Lynn continued, “Give me the kindness you have always shown me. I miss the time I spend with you every day, but hopefully this too will pass and one day I will be down and 93XRT I will announce it brightly on the broadcast wave of Friday. I’m glad I’m alive.

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Lin Brehmer has had a long career in the radio industry.

Those familiar with Lin’s career trajectory will recognize him as a radio industry veteran with over 50 years of experience.

According to Lin’s LinkedIn page, he first began his radio journey in 1977 as a DJ and music director at WQBK-FM.

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This was his first gig after graduating from Colgate University with a BA in English.

Lynn worked her way up the radio ladder, holding various positions including KTCZ’s program director and her first job as WXRT’s morning show host beginning in 1991.

While Lynn has held back from hosting morning gigs, she has sprinkled magic since October 1984 as noon DJ at Audacy, Inc. and since February 2020 as noon host at Chicago Entercom’s 93XRT.

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We are devastated to hear of Lynn Bremer’s passing. Lynn has been a good friend at Old Town School over the years. He was the host of many blues he is gene he is gala events, reads (and sometimes rewrites) advertising copy, has been a long time member and a super supporter of him in music in general.

— Old Town School (@oldtownschool) January 22, 2023

Based on the amount of love and support that Lynn’s family received during this difficult time, we can say that Lynn’s contribution to the world of radio will forever be appreciated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lynn Bremer’s family, fans and loved ones.

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