Here's where to watch the Alex Murdau trial

Here’s where to watch the Alex Murdau trial

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At 10:07 pm on June 7, 2021, South Carolina personal injury attorney Alex Murdaugh made the painful 911 call that began a series of bizarre events. He ‘found Margaret’s dead body,’ according to NBC News [his wife] and Paul [his younger son] It’s near the family’s kennel on the Hunting Lodge property in rural Colton County. ”

Murdo had probably just returned home.

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Four months later, Murdow was arrested after taking authorities on a runaway involving a mess of addictions, hitmen, insurance fraud, and lies. Now he’s about to go on trial, and those who have been following this bizarre case are too obsessed with the consequences to stop now.

Alex Murdau

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Here’s a look at the Alex Murdau trial.

There are multiple media outlets streaming Alex Murdau’s trial. We recommend sticking to either Classic or Local His News.

Court TV, famous for giving the world access to the OJ Simpson trial, will stream it on their website. It will also be streamed on WFLA’s YouTube channel, FOX Carolina’s website, and more. You can also stream on Law&Crime Network’s YouTube channel.

If watching the old fashioned way is more your style, the Court TV channel is for you. Check out our local listings to find Court TV affiliate channels in your area. You can also find it on your favorite streaming services like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

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What are Alex Murdoh’s charges?

According to AP News, Murdoh faces 100 criminal charges, more than those currently on trial. In July 2022, he was formally indicted on “two counts of murder” after an exhaustive 13-month investigation into him by state agencies.

Murdoh has been awaiting trial since being arrested in October 2021. Jury selection began on January 23, 2023, when the judge gave him three weeks to trial.

As for the rest of the charges, too much to mention. Most notably, AP News stole an “insurance settlement totaling more than $4 million” covering the sons of a late housekeeper who died under mysterious circumstances when she fell down the stairs of Murdow’s home. reportedly charged with

And her death wasn’t the only strange thing attached to Mardo.

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Alex Murdau Case Revelation: First time I’ve heard an unredacted 911 call. Told 911.
Wow. He sowed the seed early.

— Mandy Mattney (@MandyMatney) January 26, 2023

There are also 27 indictments against Murdau, alleging that he “stole nearly $5 million in settlement money.” [who was] Drunk Paul Murdau Murdered [Alex Murdaugh’s son] wrecked the boat he was driving. ”

And there are other accusations related to other settlements he supposedly stole.

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Who is on Alex Murdau’s defense team?

Murdoh enlisted the help of Dick Harputorian and Jim Griffin, two of Columbia’s best defense attorneys in South Carolina. This isn’t the first time he’s worked with this accomplished pair. In 2019, Murdau called on them to protect her son Paul in a boat crash that killed one young woman. Post and Courier. Now they’re back for the test of the century.

Dick Harputorian, like most mediocre Southern white men, was corrupt, mean, and skilled at making deals and breaking rules, which earned him the reputation of being a first-rate lawyer. He’s not a smooth and sophisticated barrister. #MurdaughTrial #Alex Murdaugh

— Rebecca Boynton (@becboynton) January 26, 2023

Harpootlian and Griffin have different approaches to court, but their conflicting styles work well in court. The 74-year-old Harputorian is an “aggressive, theatrical, wounded veteran of more than 100 murders,” while the 60-year-old Griffin is “more reserved, cool, and dedicated to protecting white people.” It’s a brain worker that works. – Collar Criminal

It will be interesting to see this team at work.


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