Here's what we know about Dean Daughtry's cause of death

Here’s what we know about Dean Daughtry’s cause of death

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In an October 2012 interview with, Dean Daughtry talked about how his 1976 song “So Into You” came about.

“Me and the original drummer Robert Nicks, who passed away a few years ago, were jamming on (BB King’s song) ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ which led to ‘So Into You’. he said.

The song will continue to be a hit. Ultimately, Dean’s Atlanta His Rhythm Section (ARS) was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and he will be remembered forever.

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It was recently announced that Dean passed away at the age of 76. His Southern contributions to rock and dedication to the band he started nearly 55 years ago will remain an eternal inspiration to his friends and fans. Unfortunately, Dean had to step away from his ARS shortly before his 50th anniversary due to health issues, but he never stopped loving what he did.

What an incredible ride he had. Here’s what we know about his cause of death.

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Here’s what we know about Dean Daughtry’s cause of death.

On January 26, 2023, The Atlanta Rhythm Section Facebook page announced the sad passing of Dean “OX” Daughtry. At the time of this writing, his cause of death has not been disclosed.

The band said, “ARS is known as a guitar-centric band, but if you listen to the recording, you’ll notice Dean’s contribution to the band. From the first chords and intro of ‘So Into You’ to ‘Imaginary Lover’ ( Both were co-written by Dean, by the way, and he left his mark on the band’s recordings. ”

They said, “In 49 years he never missed a gig, but health forced him to retire a few years ago, cutting short his 50-year goal.”

In what could best be described as a tribute, the band called Dean Bulldog, but his nickname was OX.

Former bandmate Dave Anderson also shared the news of Dean’s passing on his Facebook page. “Rest in peace, dear friend!!!! It was an honor to play with you and an honor to be your friend,” he wrote kindly.

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Dean Daughtry’s had a great music career.

In another interview with in June 2020, Dean reflected on his stellar music career. He reluctantly retired, but we knew he had a great run. Apart from ARS, Dean was also in Candymen who toured briefly with Roy Orbison. And Dean certainly had something to say about it.

“Now Roy Orbison wasn’t very pretty, but he had some of the most beautiful women.

Dean also revealed that the Candymen were “the best group” he had ever heard.

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As for his decades at ARS, Dean had a thrilling time. He recalled spending time with several members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“I remember when everyone got on the plane the first thing the flight attendants did was throw all the whiskey bottles at us because Ronnie Van Zandt went there and told them “And Leon[Wilkeson, Skynyrd bassist]was sitting next to me in the middle seat, his leg bleeding. I was like, ‘Leon, your What happened to your leg?’ And he said, ‘Oh, this woman’s husband shot me.'”

The peculiarity of Dean Daughtry is that he was not a wild man. For 25 years people have been in and out of ARS, but he was their rock. Dean remained an original member almost until the very end. That’s just who he is and that’s what he’s remembered for. Dean Daughtry loved music.


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