Here's how to view your mastery chart in League of Legends:

Here’s how to view your mastery chart in League of Legends:

Source: Riot Games

If you’ve ever wanted to know which champions you play the most during a League of Legends match, the Mastery Chart is a surefire way without much effort. Basically, this is a single snapshot image of him representing his LoL player-chosen champions by how often they play.

This image shows champions as bubbles. Some are smaller than other champions, but the largest of the packs means players will use that champion more than others.

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Players can earn more mastery points with that champion, but as far as specific data is concerned, like match eliminations, nothing is shown here.

Because Mastery Chart is like a neat little pet project with one purpose, by Marvin Scham, a student studying for his master’s degree in digital business. The developer will provide details on Mastery his chart progression, answer any questions anyone may have, and allow participants to compare their results with their friends.

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Source: Riot Games

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Scham is focused on ensuring accessibility for every potential user and remains highly intuitive due to its focus. Mastery’s charts are now a go-to for gathering data on most-played champions, as players can now view “visually-appealing charts” instead of immutable tables and graphs within her LoL. It has become a place.

However, visiting the website is only step 1, so here’s what you need to know to view your mastery charts.

How do you see your League of Legends mastery chart?

Once loaded onto the Mastery Charts website, you will need to enter the Summoner or Champion’s name into the search bar on the main screen next to the server you are playing in a particular region.

After entering this information, you will be taken to another screen where champion bubbles will appear based on what you entered. Here you can drag your champion in any way you want and finally save the image to share and display on social media and elsewhere.

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In-game League of Legends

Source: Riot Games

Mastery charts are primarily provided as bubble charts, but can be changed to sunburst charts if desired. Introduce champions by mastery level or mastery points earned per role, revealing the pinnacle of the crop across assassins, fighters, and other classes of various colors.

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Source: Riot Games via Twitter

The last developer update for Mastery Chart went live around October 24th last year, so news about further updates to the website’s functionality is currently unknown.

Nonetheless, it has become a fun activity for League of Legends players who want to share their mastery charts with others on Twitter. Many prominent figures in the LoL community also attended. Whether or not Mastery Charts continue to grow with newfound fame is in the hands of the developers.

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