Here's how to get the Epic Games Launcher on Steam Deck

Here’s how to get the Epic Games Launcher on Steam Deck

Source: Valve

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While it’s great to have a wide range of choices on the storefront, the reality is that you’re missing out on certain games that hit PC and aren’t available on Steam. Of course there are quite a few exclusive premier titles that you can’t play.

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Source: Valve

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However, with some workarounds and clear guidance, anyone with a Steam Deck can access your non-Steam game library. First you need to install ProtonUp. This is an emulator that runs Windows programs on SteamOS as Deck is Linux based.

How to install ProtonUp on Steam Deck

First select the “Switch to desktop mode” option. To do this, press the “Steam” key on your device and go to the “Power” tab. When toggled, you can use the right trackpad as a virtual mouse to navigate the screen.

Then click the shopping bag icon on the left side of your taskbar[発見]Click. Press the “Steam” key and the “X” key at the same time to bring up the keyboard. You need to type “ProtonUp” in the search.

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The Proton GE 7-46 was pushed out yesterday! This update fixes four of his DX12 games that were crashing on launch, including Warhammer 40K: Darktide and The Division 2 (now working on #SteamDeck)!

— SteamDeckHQ (@SteamDeckHQ) January 20, 2023

Install the software, press the application launcher in the corner of the taskbar,[ユーティリティ]and launch ProtonUp from this page. The final step is to select “Add Version” when loading Proton. This allows you to select the latest version. Then restart your Steam deck.

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How to get the Epic Games Launcher with the Steam Deck

Once back, you’ll need to open Steam in a browser such as Firefox. At this point, you should also visit the official Epic Games Store page to download the launcher.

When you’re ready, at the top right of the store page[Steam]go to the tab,[ゲームを追加]>[Steam 以外のゲームを追加]Click. Browse to find where the launcher was downloaded and select it. Then, within your Steam library, scroll to the new “EpicInstaller” entry, right-click with the left trigger, and go to Properties > Compatibility.

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Check the box for “Force use of specific Steam Play compatibility tools” and click “Play” from the EpicInstaller entry in your library to install. If everything is fine, you can switch back to game mode and find the Epic Games launcher inside his Non-Steam Games folder in your library. At this point, you can adjust commands using various trackpads and other keys.

The Epic Games launcher doesn’t fit entirely on the Steam Deck screen and can be a little wonky to play with, alongside problems closing and relaunching the app. and you can quickly get the hang of it.


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