Assalamoalaikum. I am Sobia Asif. I am running a business page named Hayat by h&s. I had recently started my business a month ago. My page Hayat refers to a person’s life n lifestyle, which includes accessories, household items, etc.

My dream was to start my venture n to take it to a powerful platform in the future (InshaAllah). My page consists of branded jewelry like h&m, splash, red tag, Gucci, Aldo, etc. In the household, I can provide IKEA items too. I also take pre-orders where people can book any of their favorite things n it will be delivered to them at their doorstep!. I intend to provide all those branded items they want but couldn’t have them as any of the outlets. So this is the reason that I gave my page the name Hayatbyh&s where people can style their lives n be more fashionable