Has 'The Real Friends of WeHo' been canceled? We have a petition

Has ‘The Real Friends of WeHo’ been canceled? We have a petition

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MTV may have thought it would launch a new franchise like The Real Housewives, but WeHo’s Real Friends isn’t off to a great start. Viewers were quick to criticize the series for his one of the main cast members, Todrick Hall. That begs the question — will The Real Friends of WeHo be cancelled?

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Following the series premiere on MTV, viewers took to Twitter to criticize the show for many reasons. The Real Friends of WeHo follows a group of wealthy gay men in West Hollywood. The men weren’t friends before the series and aren’t actually from Hollywood. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of fan criticism.

todrick hallSource: MTV

“The Real Friends of WeHo” doesn’t really like Todrick Hall.

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Will ‘WeHo’s True Friends’ be cancelled?

The Real Friends of WeHo is not canceled at this time. Its first season still airs on Friday nights on MTV, so it doesn’t seem to have lost its entire fan base. However, tweets that Todrick himself is replying to on his social media keep popping up. Gay Todrick responded on his Instagram to a tweet from an individual in his community who criticized the show.

In one post following the series premiere, he wrote a lengthy response. Among them: “The queer people attacking our queer cast need to know that they are not awake, they are not progressive, they are not going to change the situation, so they are a waste of time.” Awaken the people, we are smarter than this.”

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However, viewers on Twitter spoke to Todrick from afar, tweeting, “Todrick Hall preaching on a soapbox.” [people] Not watching The Real Friends of WeHo means they don’t want true queer representation. Mr. not everyone likes you ”

We are pleased that our community has wholeheartedly rejected The Real Friends of Weho.love it

— Evah Destruction🐺 (@EvahDestruction) January 22, 2023

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There is a petition to end “True Friends of WeHo”.

Another reason viewers don’t want The Real Friends of WeHo to air is RuPaul’s drag racing, in addition to the way these rich cast members display their wealth and backlash, especially towards Todrick.

There is a Change.org petition to cancel The Real Friends of WoHo and “bring back a 90-minute episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The petition already has over 32,000 signatures out of his 35,000 expected.

The problem here is that a 90-minute episode of Drag Racing was cut down to an hour to accommodate The Real Friends of WeHo, which airs right after the long-running reality-competition series. According to the petition, viewers would rather have those long episodes put back, while at the same time asking the network to remove the new series.

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The Real Friends of WeHo is just getting started, and despite a lot of criticism, we have a lot to ask. And currently, the show hasn’t been canceled yet.

Catch The Real Friends of WeHo on MTV Fridays at 9pm EST.


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