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Guide to Bust Enhancement


Women usually consider breast augmentation because they have naturally smaller breasts and need to restore their breast shape and size after weight loss, breastfeeding, or pregnancy. Because they want to look better in anything they wear and do not wish to have saggy breasts.

Feeling less confident and apprehensive about small-sized breasts and lack self-worth for not having the volume in them? In case you think this, then here is your chance to avail. 

You need to worry because of the several methods that deal with such issues of smaller breasts. 

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or bust enhancement is also known as augmentation mammoplasty and is used for cosmetic enlargement in several countries for over a century. It is one of the famous breast implant placement procedures. In this process, incisions either over the inframammary crease or on the skin bordering the areolas are done under the breasts. Later, an implant is placed below or above the pectoral muscle that is also the gold standard.

The surgeons place saline, silicon, or some alternative composite breast implants under the breast tissue or the chest muscle. They last for 7 to 12 years approximately. In 2015, the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) noted a 279,143 breast implant procedure in the United States of America.

It takes around about 1.5 to 2 hours and is done in an out-patient surgical facility with a board-certified anesthesiologist under general anesthesia. A compression bra is placed at the surgical site for support after the procedure that the patient needs to wear for a minimum of four weeks. You must avoid strenuous physical activity during this time and might require off all the activities, including work for better recovery. The results last for a decade after which the implants should ideally be replaced and are not permanent.

Breast implant revision

To meet every individual need, several doctors offer a customized breast implant revision. Usually, the older implants are eradicated, and the new ones are planted in case the patient wants them. Capsulotomy involves the elimination of the scar tissue surrounding the previous implant and is also done most often. Then the best symmetry is checked, and the incisions are closed.

Compression the bra helps support the breasts by minimizing the swelling and must be worn for at least 3 to 4 weeks. The healing duration differs for every other person, and any work must be avoided during the healing period, i.e. four weeks. 

Why opt for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is done for:

– Enlarging breasts, which are naturally smaller in size.

– Restoring the breast shape and size after weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. 

– Restoring symmetry for the asymmetrical breasts

– Restoring breasts after surgery or breasts in general. 

Plastic surgery involves: 

– Cosmetic surgery 

– Reconstructive surgery. 

Reconstructive surgery is done as a part of the treatment for breast cancer. Whereas, cosmetic surgery is done as a part of esthetic looks. However, breast augmentation is counted in the cosmetic surgery section.  

What are breast implants?

Breasts an implant is a medical prosthesis placed inside the breasts for augmenting, creating the physical form of breasts, and reconstructing them. 

There are three types of breasts implants that the doctors go for:

  1. Saline implants: they are filled with a sterile saline solution such as saltwater. The answer is then held within an elastomer silicone shell and filled with specific amounts of saline solutions. This affects the firmness, feel, and shape of the breasts. The answer will be absorbed and expelled by the body naturally if a saline implant leaks. 
  2. Silicone gel-filled implants consist of a silicone outer shell filled with a silicone gel that stays on the surface or escaped into the breast pocket if it gets leaked. The leaking implant might or might not collapse. Patients who choose this type of implant must have a regular checkup with their doctor compared to the ones on saline solution implants. 
  3. Alternative composite implants: there is a possibility of them being filled with soy oil, polypropylene string, or other material.

Comprehensive Guide to Breast Implants in Singapore

Under the medical clinics and private hospitals act, the doctors can be fines, warned, or suspended if they position themselves as experts above their peers. They cannot use before and after photos or state their preferences towards any technique or method. Henceforth, this strict law helps in upholding the reputation of Singapore’s private healthcare scene. Some of their doctors are labeled as the best breast surgeon in Singapore. 

Women have their reasons for which they undergo such a procedure where some of them want to regain their original figure back, and the others wish to attractive bodily shape. Bust enhancement surgery is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures regardless of any reason.

How does breast enhancement work?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic process involving the insertion of implants for increasing the shape and size of the women busts. Besides, it keeps them symmetrical by implants filling the space. Here are three known ways of implant insertion:

– Transaxillary incision: to avoid any issues in the tissues, this incision is done under the armpit. 

– Inframammary incision: in this incision, the cut is marked under the bust by making it feasible for the doctors to view the implant placed. This incision recovers in a shorter time. 

– Areola incision: This incision is performed around the areola or the nipple, helping to hide the scar tissue after healing the wounds. 

The implants; however, can be categorized depending on the placement location, i.e.:

– Between the tissue and the muscle

– Under the breasts muscle

– Under the mammary directly. 

The incision placement and type might affect the final functionality and outcome of the tissue. However, the bust enhancement Singapore doctor will have the final say on what and where to place the incision type. Henceforth, discuss everything with them beforehand. 

What are the different types of breast enhancement surgeries?

There are three options for breast augmentation. However, the best of them is subjective. It depends on your body type and shape, skin, and busts. Consult with the best breast Surgeon Singapore. 

Fat transfer:


This procedure involves transferring of your tissue to your bust area and is also known as fat grafting. For this, 150 to 250 cc of fat is required to transfer it to the necessary portion. 


– Minimally invasive, so there is less downtime, scarring, and discomfort. 

– No synthetic material is inserted; subsequently, it is a natural procedure. 

– Reduces undesirable fats by enhancing the size

– For achieving a softer feel, it can be used in combination with silicone gel.

– Moderate increase in size with a smooth surface for looking natural

– For achieving the desired outcome, repeated procedures can be carried out with an 8 to 12-week interval. 


– Women not having enough body fat must avoid it

– Might cost extra because of the care and the spare time involved in the procedure

– Increases only one cup size

– The body might absorb the transferred fat with time

Silicone implants:


These are the most preferred ones in Singapore hence is commonly known as bust enhancement Singapore. It is due to the definite shape and size increase they bring in with the procedure. 


– Gives natural feelings and is ultra-soft

– Increases the cup size to 3 to 4 times than the actual size

– Implant rippling (wrinkles and folds) is compared to the saline implants

– It is safe and not linked to any other disease including cancer

– Firmer gel lasts longer and gives the best shape


– Longer incision is required because these implants are pre-filled

– Leakages or ruptures are harder in detecting due to the gel not collapsing

– Regular examination and follow-ups are required. 

– Saline implants


A silicone shell is inserted into the tissue and then filled with saline solution (sterile salt water) through an incision. As per the desired size, the fluid is injected.


– For achieving equal bust size, they can be adjusted during the operation

– They can also be adjusted after the operation by reconstruction

– Does not require a long or large incision

– Costs lesser than the silicone implants


– Implant rippling (wrinkles and folds) can be felt due to their visibility. 

– The bust might appear less firm due to the consistency of water-like

– Implants rupture might make the breasts deflate. 

– They are heavier as compared to silicone ones

– Older tech. 

How much bigger can your bust get after breast augmentation surgery?

Like any other procedure, its outcome depends on the type of people and varies from person to person. A lot of factors, i.e. can determine the size of the bust.

– Desired size

– Overall frame

– Percentage of the breast tissue that you have currently

– Skin laxity

– Present shape

– Present size

– Present symmetry


The most common breast implant shapes chosen in Singapore are round and teardrop. However, you need to consult the best surgeon to clarify everything and have the best procedure done on you. 

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