Bored at home and want to make something quick yet delicious? Worry no more. You can make this snack within 30 minutes. A grilled chicken sandwich will not only fill your tummy but also satisfy your cravings. There is no one way to make this delicious sandwich. Add in anything you like. You can add mushrooms, more vegetables. It’s all up to you to make your grilled sandwich tastier and healthier.


Oil                                        1-2 tbsp

Ginger paste                      1 tsp

Garlic paste                       1 tsp

Capsicum chopped          ¼ cup

Onion chopped                ½ cup

Chicken mince                  ½ kg

Black pepper                     1 tsp

Salt                                      1 tsp

Red chili powder              1tsp

Mustard paste                  2 tbsp

Ketchup                              ¾ cup

Cheese                                as required

Bread slices                       as required



  1. Take a pot, add in onions. Cook onions for 2-3 minutes, then add in garlic ginger paste.
  2. Add in the mince and everything else except else cheese and bread.
  3. Once the chicken mince is cooked, make a sandwich by adding in mince and cheese.
  4. Take a grill pan and grill sandwich from both sides.

Serve Grill sandwiches as a snack or breakfast. You can add other veggies to make it into a portion of healthy yet complete and tasty food for your kids or yourself.