"Girl, where are you going?" TikTok dance trend explained

“Girl, where are you going?” TikTok dance trend explained

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It’s time to put the Fresh X Reckless on your radar. The New Orleans-based rap duo, consisting of Mel (real name Jamel Joseph) and D’iro (real name David Rayford), have been heating up TikTok with their song “Captain Save Uh Ho” and accompanying dance moves. I’m here.

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In fact, you’ve probably seen videos of fans trying to demo these moves.

So what exactly is this viral dance? They are explained below.

Fresh x Reckless Duet

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“Girl, where are you going?” The dance trend is booming on TikTok.

In 2022, music duo Fresh X Reckless released a song called “Captain Save Uh Ho (Girl Where You Going)”. Very catchy, especially the chorus.

“Girl, where are you going? Throw it over there and come back. Hmm, throw it over there,” the chorus flows.

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Based on the lyrics, Mel and D’iro seem to be trying to keep girls away from men who could do bad things to them. .

Mel and Deelo came up with a mini dance routine. They start in a leaning position to the right with their arms over their heads. Since then, the dance has gone viral.

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And when one person does it, everyone wants to do it.

You can make your own video with Captain Save Uh Ho audio from TikTok.

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According to Fader, Fresh X Reckless was previously a four-member group that included Travon Mitchell and Terron Champagne. However, the band appears to have since split in half.

Fresh X Reckless gave a hilarious interview about ‘Captain Save Woohoo’.

In this hilarious mock interview about their song “Captain Save Uh Ho,” Deelo says he was told not to save this girl “because she has 12 children.” He also gave a nod to J. Cole’s song “No Role Modelz.” “I actually cried when J. Cole said, ‘Don’t save her, she doesn’t want to be saved,'” he said.

It’s unclear if J. Cole’s hit inspired the boys to write “Captain Save Uh Ho.”


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