'Genshin Impact' Leak Reveals Dehya's Kits And Animations

‘Genshin Impact’ Leak Reveals Dehya’s Kits And Animations

Source: miHoYo

Heading into the new year, developer miHoYo has teased that Dehya will be playable in Genshin Impact through various social media pages. Speculation from players led many to believe that she would arrive in late February when version 3.5 was released, but the developers didn’t confirm if that was the case.

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However, judging by the game’s recent leaks surfacing on Twitter and YouTube, expectations are very high for this character. A new leak reveals Dehya’s entire kit, along with details on Dehya’s skills, bursts, passives, and constellations.

Dehya from Genshin Impact

Source: miHoYo

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One leak is so detailed that it has some weight despite the lack of confirmation as it matches the description of Genshin Impact’s style and background of its characters. This is the leaked content outside of miHoYo we are talking about.

Everything that has been leaked isn’t final until the official patch notes are out, but we’ll take a look at what you’re seeing and what you can expect from this character.

All of “Genshin Impact” Dehyalik has been explained.

One of the major leaks from Niana (also known as @SaveYourPrimos on Twitter) brought Dehya’s supposed kit into the public eye.

This post reveals her basic attacks, including a 4-hit combo called “Gold Duster Assault” using Claymore, and a “Plunge Attack” that pierces the ground and deals area-of-effect splash damage.

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For more details, we’ll cover how Dehya’s elemental skills can change depending on the combat situation. For example, her “Indomitable Flame” deals Pyro her damage within range, and on the map she deals Pyro her damage every 2.5 seconds and her Fiery Sanctum, a field that increases resistance to the fire element. Create a. Additionally, Dehya reduces damage to allies within her field until her own health reaches a certain percentage.

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Dehya’s Elemental Burst sends her into her “Blazing Lioness” form, granting her immunity to interruptions and allowing her to strike a barrage of Pyro attacks from a single target to an area of ​​effect. Her passives support bold playstyles with Dehya’s active abilities, such as reducing damage for 6 seconds and restoring health when below a certain percentage.

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Finally, Dehya’s constellation increases her maximum health by attacking with abilities, increasing the damage of allies within the Fiery Sanctum and increasing their critical chance.

After this leak reached Twitter, another landed on YouTube, providing actual in-game footage of Dehya. Some notes from the first leak are visually compared to him 1:1 throughout the video, but there are also smooth animations of Dehya running and walking. In addition, viewers can see animations of her idol from her menu screen in-game.

As of this writing, more leaks have surfaced to show splash art and potential resources needed to improve Dehya’s ascension and talent on Twitter. Given that details about Dehya are spreading like wildfire, it’s likely that miHoYo will not officially confirm this character, instead following an official plan that is very close to her speculated release.

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