Do you want a good laugh? Then gear up! As I’m going to take you on a trip down my memory lane, full of laughter and giggles. I’m sure these funny moments will bring out hilarious memories from your past as well. Laugh out loud, people! As Milton Berle states it:

Laughter is an instant vacation.”

Funny Moments with fiancée:

Back in 2007, after my engagement, my fiancée came to drop me. As we were walking in the compound, I was a few steps behind him. Instead of a love cupid, that should have surrounded me. My bad luck took charge, and  I stepped on the banana skin. Boom!  I glided on the floor. Unaware of what happened, he walked far away, continuously chatting as if I was behind him. As soon as he realized that nobody is responding, he turned around and saw me resting on the floor. At that moment we couldn’t resist and burst out laughing.

Fun while shopping:

I have been in this funny yet embarrassing moment a lot of times. Recently, I went shoe shopping with my friend. And like any other girl, I was so fascinated by the sparkling collection. That I overlooked the guy standing near me, is with his family. I asked him to bring the desired size of the pair, I admired. He gave me a weird look and said, “Excuse me! I am not the salesperson.” AHEM! AHEM! I sheepishly turned my back. As I turned around, I saw my friend grinning with all her thirty-two teeth out.

Hilarious memories of the festive occasion:

Whenever the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Adha comes, it brings the funniest memory of my brother. Who a few years back, bought a cow as the animal for slaughtering. From downstairs, he called my name and waited excitedly to show how healthy that animal was. As I peeked out of my balcony, I saw that cow was running away, and my brother was skating behind, holding its rope. Fortunately, the cow stopped at a spot. Phew! A hilarious moment still, my family cherish.

Chucklesome moments with kids:

Recently, my seven-year-old son hurt his foot and was crying out of pain. My four-year-old daughter, showering all her affection, advised my son,” Wait, brother! I am bringing an ice pack for you.” That little bundle of joy walked to the fridge with a stool to stand in a very confident manner. As if she is going to grab it. Suddenly she turned and said, “Mamma! Come and open the fridge.” The way she said that changed the whole panicky situation into a funny one. And my son, who was crying from pain a few moments ago- started laughing.

Funny moments with cousins:

Once, I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house, we three cousins were of the same age, and the fourth one was a little younger. Who always felt that she was the left out one. At night, while we were busy sharing secrets. We felt someone was rumbling under our bed. I peeked out of bed and saw the shadow of my left out cousin on the floor. I deliberately shouted that there’s a lizard on the floor. Just then, my cousin jumped out with a screaming sound, “AAHHH!” And we all three rolled down the bed laughing.

Mischievous moments with classmates:

In my seventh grade, I had a teacher who was famous as “sleeping beauty.” It was her habit to dive into a deep sleep after giving work to the class. One day, when she was fast asleep, my mischievous classmate asked all of us to take out our black and white pointer pens and open the cap at the same time. We all excitedly followed her plan.  POP! The noise in that pin drop silent moment outrageously awoke our teacher. As a result,  the whole class stood outside the principal’s office for half an hour, controlling the hilarity of that moment.

Funny moments at a sleepover:

This humorous moment happened when nearly 15 of my cousins had a sleepover at my grandmother’s house. After watching a movie at 2 pm, our tummies growled from hunger, and we all decided to have fries. We begged our expert cooking cousin to make it. She agreed, and we all tiptoed to the kitchen along with her. When the time arrived to gulp those yummy fries down, the ketchup glass bottle slipped from my cousin’s hand, falling on the floor with a noisy sound. CRASH! Leaving behind those crispy fries and our innocent cousin, we all ran as speedy as we could to our bed. And act like we all were sleeping.

Humorous memory of my best pal:

On the last day of my School, while we all friends were bidding farewell, hugging each other, and crying our hearts out. Suddenly, my best mate wept out so loudly, saying, “You both (I had a friend circle of 3) are leaving me, just as my grandfather left me for his eternal journey a few days back.” My other best pal and I looked at each other sarcastically! To date, whenever we meet, the memory of that funny moment pours gales of laughter on us- making our re-union more wonderful.

Funny moments with mother-in-law:

This funny moment happened a few years back. We had a small gathering at my home. When the guests left, my mother-in-law and I sat on the sofa, relaxed. Discussing how everything went smoothly, just then, my mother-in-law said embarrassingly, “Oh God! Nobody told me that I’m wearing the inner side of the trouser out with all the stitching visible.” We both laughed so much, visualizing what the guests must have thought?

Funny moments with siblings:

Back in childhood days, my elder brother and I had a little quarrel over some issue.  Just at the time, he was about to knock me. My father came in for my rescue with a slipper in his hand. And as my brother analyzed the situation that what’s going to happen next. He ran towards the cabinet to hide. My father, who couldn’t reach out to him, started scolding. Suddenly, my little brother, who was 3-years-old, came with his hard soul joggers and targeted it at my brother’s nose. BONK! It was an intense moment back then, but we all burst out laughing as we recall this memory to date.


I hope you all had a giggly time riding with me down my memory lane. Now, I want you to grab a paper and a pen. Sit in a quiet place. Let your funny memories float in your mind and out on the paper. Indeed, it will give you a fun-filled experience that you’ll cherish forever.