Freelance Writing Guide- Episode 1.

Freelance writing has become a bigger endeavor with time. Many people came to me and asked for guidance. However, I could not cater to everyone at a time. Therefore, I thought to start a series of this guide so everyone could avail the opportunity to learn.

P.S. Do not give up because the beginning feels boring. This beginning is the most important part, which we ignore and try to jump to the conclusion beforehand. Henceforth, we become dead fish with no knowledge, zero work, and pathetic clients who pay peanuts. Do not worry; I will cover each and every aspect of this industry in multiple episodes. 

Let us start with a basic freelance writing guide by knowing about the basics. . What do you know about writing in general? Nothing? No worries, let me tell you in detail.

What is writing?

To know about freelance writing, it is essential to know what writing is.

It is any conventional system of signs or marks that shows language utterances. It renders the language visible and concrete, whereas speech is ephemeral. However, if we compare them, it is a permanent element. Both writing and speaking depend on the underlying structure of the language used.

We can also call writing a way of expressing who we are. It helps us learn, opens up our brains, and helps us to think out of the box.

What is writing as a skill?

If you are eager to learn about freelance writing, you must know about writing as a skill.

Writing skills have the ability and knowledge linked to expressing ideas through words. one can communicate their ideas through writing. Well-written documents, posts, and emails can compel the buyers to purchase your product or convince the investors to partner with the merchandise.

Why are writing skills essential?

While learning about freelance writing, it is important to know why it is important.

When someone wants to convey a message while physically away, they use the written form as an alternative. Employers tend to see future employees’ writing styles before hiring them. Besides, it influences the quality of your work.

Types of Writing

There are four main types:


1# Expository:

Expository is derived from “expose” and is the most common genera. This kind of writing exposes and sets forth the facts and figures.


You can find expository writing in:

  • Textbooks
  • Journalism
  • Essay instructions
  • Technical writing
  • Business writing.

As all these kinds expose one thing or another, they fall in the expository writing category.

2# Descriptive:

Descriptive writing helps the reader visualize the character, place, or any event in detail.


You can find descriptive essays:

  • Diary writing
  • Advertising journal
  • Fiction poetry.

3# Persuasive: 

Argumentation or clear writing influences the reader to assume the author’s POV (point of view). The author brings in some personal opinions with some pieces of evidence for the readers to agree upon.


You can find persuasive writing in:

  • Editorial articles
  • Opinionated articles.

4# Narrative: 

As with the name narrative, the purpose of this writing is to tell a story, i.e., imaginary or fact-based.


You can find narrative essays in:

  • Novellas
  • Short stories
  • Biographies
  • Poetry
  • Human interest stories.

The End:

Most of you now know the basics of writing and its ingredients. Stay tuned for the next episode. However, till then, you can comment on the post with questions and other queries, and I will answer each of you.





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