Fortitude Pukhtoon Core

Fortitude pukhtoon core is the first pushto rap band formed in 2005. The band lineup consists of:

  1. Mustafa Kamal, aka party wrecker
  2. English rapper Shahkar the shaxx Alam
  3. Webster, the beat master Shumail Alam. 

Biography and Early Life

Born and raised in Peshawar, the capital city of KPK, a party wrecker has done his schooling at PAF College Peshawar. After that, he completed his bachelor’s in Business in Islamabad, where he started his rap career. After graduation, Mustafa went to Australia, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting.

Shahkar Alam Shaxxx, and Webster, Shumail Alam, are brothers by birth, and Both did their schooling at PAF College. Shahkar, the younger brother, studied Architecture in Islamabad. Shumail studied in his hometown and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


Musical Journey

Webster started his music journey by making hip-hop beats and producing EDM, TRAP, and hip-hop beats. He made a lot of beats and did experimentation in his college days. He produced hip-hop music for Mustafa Kamal, Adil Omar, Rap engineers, Bali Shah, Rap Demon, and many others in Pakistan. 

Mustafa started rapping in university. But it was the combined effort and dream of the trio to form a hip-hop band.

The group announced their union in 2005, and the band was officially made. The trio titled their rap band Fortitude Pukhtoon Core. So far, Pukhtoon core has released eleven studio songs. Besides, the group has performed live concerts and worked with other artists and bands.


2005 – 2011 Formation of the band and first Solo release

Fortitude Puktoon Core officially started in 2005 after the union of the trio. Throughout college and university times, the Pukhtoon Core lineup performed rap. The inspiration to become hip-hop artists came from the industry’s biggest names like Eminem, Bone thugs, 2Pac, Biggie, and Busta rhymes.

They recorded their first-ever studio song, a teaser track named ‘Pukhtoon Core’, in 2011. The song was recorded live and produced by the band itself, while the video was produced by X productions Media, a local studio in Islamabad. Fortitude released a total of 6 songs with video assistance from X productions. Pukhtoon Core was a hit and instantly made waves across Pakistan.

As traditional rap and hip hop music in the sub-continent is limited to Urdu, English, and Punjabi, Fortitude took further. It introduced the Pushto language in rap. The fearless composition and lethal rap style of Mustafa/Shaxxx made the song one of the most loved rap songs.

2009 – 2014: Collaboration with other artists: 

Pukhtoon Core developed Collaborations with other artists and shared the stage with renowned artists like BOHEMIA, BILAL KHAN, NOORI, SOCH, CALL THE BAND, Attaullah Esakhelvi, and several other hip hop and rock stars.

On 11 September 2011, the band released its second track, “Timepass.” It was an incredibly well-written song with a unique style; the song was an enormous success and immediately got the attention of the fans. At this point, Fortitude also started getting attention from other countries, and their music crossed the boundaries.

“Timepass” was followed by “so Fly,” released on 3 February 2012. The song’s electrifying lyrics and dynamic rhythm make it a unique entry into the hip-hop industry. The song is about Pushto culture and praises the high culture and tradition of the Pukhtoon people.

After the song’s success, Fortitude released its fourth song in 2012 in collaboration with Alag the Band. “No Borders,” delivers the message of unified arts and music without borders. The song was recorded, and the video was shot, compiled, and finished in just one day.

In an interview, Shumail spoke about the idea and inspiration of the song. “We had the song in mind for the last year. Mustafa knew Shaan (Alag the Band’s member) through some acquaintances. When the idea of collaboration was brought forward, Alag the Band accepted the idea gladly as they wanted to start Pashto rap as well”.

“It was an exciting experience. We were planning to work on a Pashto rap project, and the idea of working together with the Pashto rap kings was an opportunity for us,” said one of Alag, the band members. When the song was finalized, everyone involved wrote their lyrics. Several YouTubers, fans, and artists from India, Malaysia, the USA, and Europe acclaimed the song. The band appeared in Dawn news.

Fortitude Pukhtoon Core released its fifth song Aorae in 2014. The song was released in collaboration with heavyweight rap artist Adil Omar. Both rap giants have showcased their talent and vocal range in the track. With the involvement of Adil Omar, the song got a massive hit as fans of both artists in particular, and the genre in general, converged to enjoy the masterpiece. The song was featured in one of the Dawn articles. Fortitude featured in various concerts, shows, and gigs during this time and conducted several interviews with top-rated media channels like BBC Urdu and Dawn news.

2015: Separation from X Productions:

Fortitude parted ways with X Productions, and their next song was released with video production from Argus Productions. Argus Productions was responsible for the video production of the song.

2017: Lewani:

“Lewani,” the seventh track of the band, was released on 9 September 2017. It was an instant hit and got a lot of acclaim in the media in Pakistan and other countries. Countless fans listened to the song and enjoyed quality rap music.

2017 – 2019: Break from Music

2017 to 2019 were quiet. The band didn’t release any new music; however, it occasionally performed in different gigs and shows. Mustafa went to Australia while Webster made desi hip hop and electronic dubstep beats.

2019: The Reunion

in 2019, the trio got together again and released a track collaborating with young artist, Rap Demon, Abdullah Malik, and Farasat Anees. The track was titled “Outrageous.” Outrageous was an epic collab of passion, drive, aggression, and talent, everything required to make a hip-hop song.

The track was an immediate success as it perfectly blended Pushto and Punjabi. The new idea resulted in a fortune. It made waves and went viral on Tiktok, making around 8000+ videos.

Zalzala, a dance/electronic song, was the first solo track of the band after the reunion, followed by Tavegum by Fortitude, released on 22 June 2019, and a fully Animated Pashto Rap Music Video called ‘Era of Pushto’ released on 22 September 2019. Tavegum was an enormous success and earned the band a lot of fortune. It was a hardcore hip-hop track and covered every element of rap. “Era of Pashto” was known for its animated video. The band’s unorthodox approach was the first animated rap song video produced by any Pakistani hip-hop artist. The song became a hit because of this unique approach and powerful lyrics about the Pukhtoon culture and power.

All three songs went viral, making around 4000+ Tiktok videos on it, Collectively and more than a Million Views on Tiktok Pashto rap Lyrics. Upon the success of the songs, the band was featured in various TV shows and news like BBC Pashto, DAWN NEWS, and Tribune. Tavegum and Era of Pushto are both hardcore hip hop.

2020: Peshawar Zalmi Anthem

In January 2020, Fortitude Partnered with the PSL team of Peshawar Zalmi to make their official PSL Anthem Called ‘Zalmi by Fortitude Pukhtoon Core.’ The star-studded video of the song featured Hania Aamir, Mehwish Hayat, and the players of the Peshawar Zalmi team, including the captain Darren Sammy, Kamran Akmal, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Kieron Pollard, Tom Banton, Shoaib Malik, Wahab Riaz, Hassan Ali, Imam ul Haq, Aamir Malik, and many more.

The song was released on 17 February 2020 and made 5 Million Plus Views in less than a week. It was inducted in the PSL as the official anthem of the Peshawar Zalmi team for the current season of the Pakistan Super League.



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