What’s on your plate today may appear on your skin tomorrow. Our choice of foods reflects on our skin and affects the aging process of our body. Foods that cause aging are commonly used in our daily lives. Knowing harmful food items and cutting them down from our diet can reduce the chances of aging before time.


a middle aged woman feeling her face skin

Foods That Cause Aging

Here are four types of food that we consume in our daily life, not knowing they stimulate the aging process of our skin.


two coffee cups, some macrons and chocolate chips on a table

Who doesn’t like to eat sweets, but what these sugary treats are doing to our body is alarming. We all know sugar provokes diabetes, obesity, and is also a primary reason for tooth decay. But the list doesn’t end here. Added sugars have proved to lay the foundation in the aging process. Cutting sugar from daily life is hard to accomplish, but not impossible. Here’s how you can reduce sugar intake from your life.

Energy Drinks

different energy drinks arranged in lines

The youth these days have become addicted to energy drinks, ignoring how these bottles of liquid are affecting their body. The aging of skin cells is directly proportional to the amount of energy drink we intake. These energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar. They not only contribute to body dehydration but also make your teeth defenseless to stains.

Processed Foods


The shelves of food stores are filled with convenience foods these days. Packaged foods are high in demand. People love them as they provide a quick source of meal in our busy routine. These packaged foods contain a high amount of salt and other preservatives that are unhealthy and speed up our skin’s aging process.


Margarine being applied on a bread

Dehydration is a leading cause of wrinkles’ development. Margarine is enriched with fats and may leave your body dehydrated. If we compare margarine with butter, then margarine turns out to be worse than butter as it contains an excessive amount of hydrogenated oils. These fats play a decisive role in making our skin sensitive to UV radiation.


Foods play an important role in how fast we age. With the right choice of foods, we can control the aging process of our body.