survey suggests that 46% of people refuse to meditate in their free time. Why? Because we are under the impression that meditation will only be fruitful if done for an extended period consistently. Thus, we hesitate to spend our free hours in meditation, presuming we may not get time the next day, and this one-lengthy sit will prove to be counterproductive and time-wasting. This is where 5-minute meditation comes into play.

The idea of doing meditation only for a prolonged time to get the desired effects is not right. Meditation has no limits to time and duration. It can be useful both ways. Here you will find how you can find your tranquility by spending just five minutes to meditation.

An animation of a girl doing 5-minutes meditation in her office


Steps For A 5-Minute Meditation:

Follow these steps to do an effective 5-minutes of meditation.

Make A Schedule For Meditation:

If you live a pretty busy life and aim to implement this 5-minute quick meditation into your daily routine, then making a schedule should be your first step.

Select a suitable and peaceful time when you are less likely to be interrupted by any possible distraction. Morning time could be the best option as our mind is fresh and energetic at that time of the day.

This step is optional as you can do this quick meditation anywhere, but if you have your favorite time of the day when you experience inner comfort, then go for it.

Choose A Location:

This step is optional too. You can start your meditation anywhere, but if you can think of any place that is your favorite spot to spend some time with yourself, then lay your mat there and get started.

Set A Timer:

Set your timer for 5 minutes so you won’t get distracted by the thought of staying more than 5 minutes in your meditation. This timer will make sure you don’t miss your class or appointment.


Stretch yourself a bit and get into a comfortable position. Whether you are in your bed or sitting on a chair at work, relax. Let your body be at ease. Note areas in your body where you are feeling tightness and let those places loosen up.

a girl doing meditation under a tree

Focus On Your Breath:

Now slowly close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. Take deep but slow breaths and imagine releasing all the stress and tension in your body with each breath.

Focus On Your Mind:

Forget what happened in the past and leave the uncertainty of the future behind. Focus on the present by letting go of all the thoughts coming into your mind and concentrate on your breathing.

Continue Meditation:

Continue the same process for 5 minutes. All you need to do is relax, focus on your breath, and send away all the worries bothering you.

Key Takeaway:

Meditation is a great way to discover a world you have never been to by releasing stress and tension from your body. But mediation doesn’t always require hours to affect you. Few minutes of meditation is enough to make your mind and body relax. Practice 5-minutes of quick meditation regularly, and you will see a noticeable change in your daily life.