This year has provided us with beneficial 2020 lessons from which we can all learn alot. Just as we were eager to welcome 2020, we are as hasty to say a quick goodbye. The year has been confusing for many as we didn’t know what was happening around us. Covid 19 is still with us. But you don’t need to end your 2020 in confusion because we are going to teach you important 2020 lessons. This year has been a life-changing year for each of us. The 2020 lessons taught here are valuable and worth remembering at each point of life. Following are the five 2020 lessons to learn:-

Lesson 1: Life is uncertain

The first lesson to be learned is that you don’t know what will happen next. One day you might have your bags packed to go for a trip, and the next day the flights might be postponed. We all had grand plans; however, the majority of them weren’t executed.

We must plan for our future but should always have a contingency plan as well. It is human nature to plan, but we must trust God’s plan because only HE knows what is coming. If you have bad days, remember that time will change. The good thing about life being uncertain is that your bad moments can be turned into good ones. Your sad moments can turn into happy memories.

Lesson 2: Health Vs. Money

2020 has taught us that your most valuable asset is not money but health. If you have health, then you have everything even if you have little money. We have seen that people who live in developed nations have so much money, but they are nothing without health. Money cannot buy health. Don’t run so much after money that you lose your health in the process. Yes, money is necessary, but health matters the most. It would help if you took care of your health. You should eat as healthy as you can and exercise. Money is necessary, but your health is everything.

Lesson 3: Be grateful

The world has been progressing so fast. We have all been running after branded things. We wanted to go and have an iPhone, watch the latest released movie, eat the most popular food.  If we couldn’t have these, we used to get sad, but now the most important 2020 lesson has taught us that be grateful for what you have. We are blessed in so many different ways. Imagine if you woke up the next day with only the things you thanked God for the day before. I am sure the majority of us would have nothing.

However, what we have is enough. We have a place to live and food to eat, which many people don’t have. What we have today, we might not have tomorrow. So I would recommend everyone to make a new year resolution of counting three things daily they are grateful to have, and you will see a massive difference in your personality and happiness level.

Lesson 4: Charity, Savings, and Investment

Another  2020 lesson is that we must give charity because so many people have less than us. When we help others, we are not helping them but also helping ourselves. According to one research paper, the money you spent on others makes you happier than the money you spent on yourself. Do you want to see what happiness is? Then go and see on a poor person’s face, when he receives something he needs. The feeling you get on seeing that face is inexplicable.

Give what you can, but also save for yourself even if it is little. We all have been taught that we could have saved that money rather than buying those branded clothes that we didn’t need. Buy what you must but don’t be extravagant in buying. Another thing is that you must invest your money. Do not just fill up your bank accounts. Invest in learning a skill or starting a side hustle. Investment is what you should focus on.

So, we should do four things with our salary. Put half money aside for your current usage and the other half in giving charity, savings, and investment. You won’t regret this ever. Even if you have $10, use $5 for spending. $1.5 for charity, $1.5 for savings, and $2 for investing. Just don’t ever skip anything. This equation is one of 2020 lessons which you must follow your whole life.

Earning = Current usage (half earning) + Future usage* (other half earning)

*(Charity + Saving + Investment)

Lesson 5: Value your relations

Another valuable 2020 lesson learned is to value your relations. Have strong ties with your family and friends because only they will be there for you in difficult and lonely times. During the lockdown, the most missed thing was meeting your friends and family. We are social beings. We were all so busy in our life that we forgot to meet them or call them. Many people lost their loved ones. Now is the time to call and meet everyone with open arms because you never know when your last day is.

This year has brought us closer and opened our eyes to what matters the most. We must learn from these 2020 lessons, as this year has been life-changing for everyone. We hope the next year will be better than this because we humans make mistakes, but we also learn from them. All these lessons can be adopted as life-changing habits which will positively influence your life.