Finn Wolfhard's music career is the other half of his hugely successful story

Finn Wolfhard’s music career is the other half of his hugely successful story

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Finn Wolfhard as Ziggy Katz in “If I Could Save the World”

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But what fans may not know is that Mike Wheeler’s alter ego also has an established music career. Here’s what happened:

Finn Wolfhard’s music career is a big part of his future.


As the star told Fast Company in 2020, “From a really young age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.” Sure, as a kid, Finn enjoyed entertaining his family. And I caught the acting bug early on. His parents and his voice acting brother Nick got Finn hooked on movies and music early on.

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Fans are familiar with Finn’s career in Hollywood, but what’s lesser known is that he also has a passion for jamming out. His first collaboration was with Calpurnia band Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson, and Malcolm Craig, who broke up in 2019 despite their early success.

In an Instagram post announcing the band’s disbandment, the group said, “We are very lucky and very grateful for the many wonderful opportunities that have come our way. We are all waiting for new projects, new music, new I am about to start a new chapter in my life, a creative adventure and new experiences.”

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By the way, Finn’s next opportunity to be no longer single included joining another band. This time the group is a duo, Aubreys, and not a significant venture for the actor who admitted he was overwhelmed by Calpurnia’s ascension. So what role does the actor play in this band?

Can Finn Wolfhard sing? Yes he can do more than that.

Composed of Calpurnia drummers Finn and Malcolm, Aubries is an indie rock band that released their first EP, Soda & Pie, in 2020. Teen Vogue. Finn brought his singer-songwriter talents and guitar skills to the duo.

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Watch the music video for The Aubreys’ “Smoke Bomb” and judge for yourself Finn’s music career. our vote? He’s obviously good at basically everything. Either way, the It His star seems to enjoy making songs with his childhood friends and tells First His Company about his second band. We’re jamming in the basement.

The star also shared a funny story about how the duo got their moniker. It was named after a cat who was a cat, but there was another band called the Audreys and they just changed the ‘d’ to a ‘b’ and I thought it was cool,” he said.

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