Fans have several theories why Troy is sitting on 'Jeopardy!

Fans have several theories why Troy is sitting on ‘Jeopardy!

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In Season 34 of Jeopardy!, contestant Shannan Younger came in second for $2,000. She later blogged about her experience on her popular game show.Before the taping, Shanann was told she would bring three different outfits. She wrote down facts about her own life that her host at the time, Alex Trebek, would choose.

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During the match, Shannan was energetic and of course told to relax. “I quickly learned that Jeopardy! games are all about buzzers,” he says Shannan. There are rules about when contestants can make headlines, and one thing that was a problem for recent contestant Troy Meyer was the buzzer.

Why was he sitting on Jeopardy! Is it because of the buzzer? The fan theory is indeed scandalous.

Troy Meyer in Jeopardy!

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Why is Troy sitting on “Jeopardy!”?

“When you get that buzzer, it’s so real,” Troy Meyer told 10 Tampa Bay.

Unfortunately, fans of the show have noticed that Troy’s buzzer style has changed a bit.

“What did they Troy on Jeopardy! Is he sitting?!” he asked Twitter user @arkansassy. It’s not so funny when you can’t see him buzzing ferociously.” (Ma’am, this is Wendy’s!)

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Obviously, when Troy was about to be talked about, he seemed to be the topic of conversation for lack of a better phrase if you caught our drift.gif @DrinkSmokeGolf posted on Twitter Thanks to , you can easily see what the fuss is about.

“Perhaps it looks like he’s slapping one every time he buzzes? ROFL,” they wrote. Sadly it looks like that. Was Jeopardy!’s solution to putting Troy in a chair timeout? Certainly unrequited love.

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Get your head out of the gutter and meet the real Troy Meyer.

After Troy’s victory on Wednesday, January 25, Jeopardy! Host Ken Jennings noticed that Troy seemed pretty emotional. “A lot of this is tied to my mother, who recently passed away, and my grandfather also loved Jeopardy!” Troy said.

In a separate conversation before his appearance with 10 Tampa Bay, Troy expressed concern about disappointing his family. Well, it’s amazing so far! He is still in the game as of this writing.

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Speaking of Jeopardy! As a family member, Troy’s wife Genevieve also joined the show in her 2009. “I was so excited for him,” said Genevieve. “I wanted to be his rock, I wanted to be his cheerleader.”

Whether standing or sitting, Troy doesn’t seem to let anyone down anytime soon.

We can all root for Troy when he competes in Jeopardy! Again, it airs on Friday, January 27 at 7:30 PM ET on ABC.


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