'Extreme Sisters' stars Christina and Jessica get super close

‘Extreme Sisters’ stars Christina and Jessica get super close

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TLC has premiered the first season of Extreme Sisters in 2021. In January 2023, Season 2 will return, and twins Jessica and Christina will also return, sharing a very intimate and sometimes uncomfortable relationship with viewers. But for those new to the series, who are the main characters of Extreme Sisters, Christina and Jessica?

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They aren’t afraid to share or even share too much when it comes to relationships. They once revealed on Extreme Sisters that they sometimes shared a toilet and used the bathroom together when they were kids.

Christina and Jessica also infamously talked about sniffing each other’s genitals during menstruation and starting their periods if the other hasn’t started yet.

Jessica and Christina in

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They explained on the show that it was all about pheromones, but viewers were pretty weird. But this is Extreme Sisters we’re talking about, so nothing seems to be off the table. And as for Jessica, there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as too close.

Who Are the Stars of ‘Extreme Sisters’ Christina and Jessica?

Christina and Jessica are 39-year-old identical twin sisters. Viewers first met them in Season 1 of Extreme Sisters, but if you’re new to the series, or these he two need a refresher course, we’ve got you covered.

Although they are twins and share many aspects of their lives together, there are some key differences in their separate family lives.

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Christina is married and has three children. She also hosts live seminars online to reveal her money, weight loss, etc. She is also a tarot card reader.

Jessica is a single mother to her son and often shares Instagram posts about her son. She is also a life coach and offers various levels of her Zoom sessions on her website. They both see themselves as “spiritual sisters”.

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‘Extreme Sisters’ Season 2 follows Christina and Jessica and another pair of siblings.

Christina and Jessica are Extreme Sisters alums, but they’re not the only cast members to show viewers what it means to be incredibly uncomfortably close to a sister.

The 25-year-old triplets Hannah, Katherine and Nadia are also part of Season 2. The sisters live together and speak their own special language that drives other families into a frenzy. Twins Jordan and Randy also participated. The twins take baths together and plan to one day marry a set of twins.

We also have Ashley and her older sister Vee who could be Ashley’s surrogate.

Christina and Jessica aren’t without their quirks, but they’re not the only ones to bring some wild storylines to the second season.

Catch Extreme Sisters Mondays at 9 PM ET on TLC.

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