Eric Stonestreet in 'American Auto': Details on his role

Eric Stonestreet in ‘American Auto’: Details on his role

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NBC’s hit American Auto follows the hilarious and quirky Payne Motors team and their bosses as they try to dominate the auto industry. The workplace comedy-drama also highlights the team’s goal of making the brand’s first self-driving car a customer hit while selling auto parts and other goods.

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We all know that comedians and comedians at work tend to go hand in hand, with the show already kicking off on SNL’s Anaga Steyer, but the showrunner has announced that he’ll be splitting his time between season 2 and another presumed Eric Stonestreet. I’m getting ready to up the ante with a comedian.

So what does Eric Stonestreet’s role in comedy entail? Here’s what we know.

Eric Stonestreet

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Eric Stonestreet makes a guest appearance in Season 2 of ‘American Auto’.

Anyone with a deep affinity for comedy knows the name Eric Stonestreet.

Eric earned not one but two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of the hilarious Cameron Tucker on ABC’s Modern Family.

Now, Eric brings his talents to American Auto as Ian, a crisis manager tasked with helping the team navigate the business.

“We’ve had some great guest stars this season and Eric was our first guest,” Jon Barinholtz (who plays Wesley Payne) told E! News. just as funny. “

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Eric also shared the good news via Instagram in a January 15, 2023 post along with clips from the show.

In the clip, Ian is introduced to the team by Katherine Hastings (played by Ana) and tries to spill the tea about another client. Instead of making his clients fuss, he hints that they are far from the norm.

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When will ‘American Auto’ Season 2 return to the small screen?

American Auto fans are lucky! Almost a year after the end of Season 1, American Auto is set to hit the small screen on his January 24th, 2023.

Eric Stonestreet

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The series is back and is said to include various guest stars, including Eric, Ben Feldman, Andy Richter, and Seth Meyers.

What’s more, season 2 seems to have other surprises in store for both viewers and the cast.

Catch new episodes of American Auto Tuesdays on NBC at 8pm ET.

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