'Dream Girl' Gives Guy Phone Number With Missing Two Digits

‘Dream Girl’ Gives Guy Phone Number With Missing Two Digits

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It may sound cheesy, but love is probably the closest thing to magic that exists. Being with someone you love can feel like the best time of your life, even in an otherwise “meh” or downright painful situation. Waiting in line is much better than being alone.

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And what makes love so magical is that the spark with the other person is either there or not. You can have a relationship, but that lightning bolt, the love of a Hallmark Christmas movie, sure exists for some people, but defies all logic.

There’s that person who knows how to say and do all the things that turn you into a cartoon character that as soon as you smell the pie on the window sill you start hovering towards it, and they’re all about you But how likely are you to actually meet that person in your life? Slim.

But it looks like the Twitter user’s cousin just found the man of his dreams.

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Source: Twitter | @HenpeckedHal

Popular comedy account @henpeckedhal wrote on the popular social media site:

He attached two photos to his tweet. The first is a screenshot of the text his message conversation.

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Source: Twitter | @mom_tho

“I met my soulmate last night,” he wrote

“Hey! Did you get her phone number?” Hal asked.

“Mostly,” replied their cousin.

“How do you get the most numbers?” Hal replied.

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361-2904 is indeed my first guess

— Bill Kirchhausen (@BillKirchhausen) January 17, 2023

Source: Twitter | @BillKirchausen

His cousin responded with a picture of a cocktail napkin that read “Call me! 512-3*1-2*04.” Combine several combinations before he manages to call her. ”

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Why did he assume * is a wildcard and not a multiple sign?

Maybe this is the PEMDAS test?

— David Pardo (@pardo_) January 17, 2023

Source: Twitter | @pardo_

Judging by the second photo Hal attached to the tweet, it looks like Hal has already looked up this woman’s number and systematically mapped out all possible combinations.

Hal has tweeted about this cousin in the past. Two years ago, this same guy went viral with an interesting way to cook meat in the oven.

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Source: Twitter | @HenpeckedHal

Hal’s tweet turned out to reach Jackie, who DMed him on Twitter. Hal tried to save his cousin’s heartache to get her phone number, but it’s unclear if she decided to dig caves or stick to guns to get him to figure it out.

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Source: Twitter | @HenpeckedHal

Hal also responded to several other Twitter users who quipped that maintenance was too high for a 22-year-old looking for a relationship, but the comedian defended her.

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2) For those who say she’s arrogant or hard to maintain: These kids spent an hour talking about their shared interest in true crime, mystery, and more. This time). I think she is wonderful.

— Henpecked Hal (@HenpeckedHal) January 18, 2023

Source: Twitter | @HenpeckedHal

There were many people trying to help Hal’s cousin by compiling a spreadsheet of various phone number combinations. Additionally, we’ve dug into various area codes to come up with other theories about clues she may have left in the phone number.

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4) Finally (?), Internet researchers who looked up area codes and exchanges, programmers who sent scripts and code, Excel junkies who sent documents to share with their cousins, all wild. I could not repay everyone, but I am grateful. 🍻🍻🍻

— Henpecked Hal (@HenpeckedHal) January 18, 2023

Source: Twitter | @HenpeckedHal

One diligent detective pointed out that the asterisk symbol is an alternate character for the keyboard’s 8 key, suggesting that this combination may be the key to her phone number.

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Women are said to be hard to come by because men like ‘chasing’ and we shouldn’t be ‘easy’. I do not understand.

— Madi Spector • Madi Spector (@MadiSpector) January 19, 2023

Source: Twitter | @madisspector

Perhaps Hal should have at least blocked the area code for that number. You may be forced to change.


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