By the end of this article, you will surely say: how come no one ever told me this method to download Microsoft Stream videos?


Thanks to COVID-19, the whole year had us trying to find our footing within the digital world.

The education sector has been affected the most due to this pandemic. From teachers trying to master the art of delivering online lectures to students understanding how this whole “distance learning” works, the year has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride.

One of the most used mediums by educational institutions all over the world is Microsoft Teams. The number of users of Microsoft Teams has indeed skyrocketed in the past year.

One common method to deliver lectures is to stream them on Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream, as the name indicates, is powered by Microsoft Teams. As much as this method is convenient for the teachers, one question almost always in the students’ minds is “How to download Microsoft Stream videos”? Apparently, Microsoft stream has no option to download the videos.


Download Microsoft Stream videos


This inability to watch the lecture videos offline is a big put off for most students, including me. I, like the majority of the students, like to download all of the lecture videos. Then I like to watch them all at once while munching on some snacks without the tension of them buffering again and again due to the unpredictable internet connection.

What if I tell you that this problem has a solution?

Yes! You read it right. You can download Microsoft Stream videos and then watch them in offline mode.

So what you need to do is write a long and complicated code in the notepad and then run that file as a batch file.

Just kidding!!


The Big Reveal: How to download Microsoft Stream videos?


All you need to do is to download the Microsoft Stream Mobile application.

Then either search the desired video from the search bar or open it directly from the link provided to you by your teacher.

Once you have opened the video, there will be a download/save offline option displayed under the video, among other options. Save the video in offline mode and watch it without the internet whenever you want. Simple as that!

The thing is that most of the students play the videos directly on the browser, due to which they are unable to access the download option.




One con of Microsoft stream is that the download option is only available on the mobile application. You can think of it as the download option that is offered by Youtube. Same as Youtube, videos can be downloaded to be watched offline on the mobile application only.

A simple solution to this issue for the PC users is to ask the teacher to download a copy of the Streamed video and share it with the students/viewers via Teams or any other preferred medium.

Another way is to ask the teacher to change the settings. They will have to grant ownership rights to the students as well. Microsoft Stream only allows the owner to download the video from the browser.

Whatever your preference is(mobile or PC), the solutions are listed above. You no longer have a reason to procrastinate watching your lecture videos. Grab your snacks and watch online or download them to watch offline. The choice is yours!