Does PS Remote Play work with Steam Deck?

Does PS Remote Play work with Steam Deck?

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Aside from next-gen machines like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the early 2020s saw the release of another famous console known as Steam Deck. While this handheld device takes some cues from the Nintendo Switch for its design, Steam Deck allows users to log into their Steam library on the go for maximum access to their PC content. This is basically the perfect device for PC gamers who don’t want to be restricted to a home gaming setup.

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As of October 2022, Steam Deck has already shipped over 1 million units, with more to come. For a modestly sized handheld capable of playing games like Elden Ring and his 2018 God of War, it’s not too shabby.

But is Steam Deck fully compatible with PlayStation Remote Play for all games that can be played on handheld devices connected to your existing Steam library? Here’s what you need to know about Steam Deck’s PS Remote Play am.

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Is PS Remote Play compatible with Steam Deck? Let’s break it down.

In case you didn’t know, PlayStation Remote Play is a special feature that allows PlayStation users to stream games to compatible devices with broadband or mobile internet connections. With a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can switch almost seamlessly from playing on your TV to playing on your gaming PC screen, tablet or even smartphone.

This feature is available on all PS4 or PS5 models and connects to your device using the free PS Remote Play app. You can also continue playing with your usual PlayStation controller.

Compatible devices include Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows PCs, or Macs. However, a user cracks his homebrew to work with his Steam deck, although it is not explicitly stated that the Steam Deck is compatible with his PS Remote Play.

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Android Headlines reports that Steam Deck is technically under the umbrella of PS Remote Play compatible devices as it is essentially a unique PC setup. However, some additional steps are required to get it up and running with a Steam deck.

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Dash Gamer reports that in order to use PS Remote Play with Steam Deck, please check the following steps:

Download an app called “Chiaki” to your Steam deck. There’s reportedly a version of the app specifically tailored for the deck, but get what’s available. Turn on your PlayStation and connect it to the same network as your handheld. Launch Chiaki on the Steam Deck and select your PlayStation from the window. Sign into your PSN account and enter her PIN from your PlayStation console. Go to this site and enter your PSN username. Take her second of her two encoded usernames and enter it into your Steam deck. On your PlayStation, go to System Settings, then Remote Play, then Link Devices. using her 8 digit PIN[登録]Click.

It’s not the quickest thing to do, but once everything’s done you should have PlayStation Remote Play running on your Steam deck!


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