Does 'Alice, Darling' Star Kanieteio Horn Have Kids?

Does ‘Alice, Darling’ Star Kanieteio Horn Have Kids?

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Canadian actress Kanieteio Horne plays Tess, a friend who worries about her best friend’s well-being when she dates an abusive man in Alice, Darling.

The best friend in question, Alice (played by Anna Kendrick), agrees to go to a girls-only hideaway with Tess and her other friend Sophie (Mosako Unmi), but her abusive boyfriend is haunted by his traumatic bond with Simon (Charlie Carrick). ).

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Thankfully, Kaniehtiio’s off-screen life isn’t as perilous as her Alice, Darling character. Does Kanieteio have kids in real life? Is she married?

Here’s what we know.

Kanietio Horn as Tess in

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Does ‘Alice, Darling’ star Kanieteio Horn have kids? Is she married?

Kaniehtiio Horn has one child, a boy. Kahnawake News reports that Kanieteio gave birth to her son in November 2020 via emergency caesarean section.

Of Alice, the Darling star said of her son’s birth, “It’s a brutal recovery. But I was a little upset that no one really talked about it.”

“Some people say, ‘She had a caesarean,’ like you’re walking in the park,” Kanieteio said. Laughing without excruciating pain; but it was worth it.

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Kaniehtiio and her son

Source: Instagram/@kaniehtiio

In the same interview, Kanieteio said her motivation for accepting acting roles changed after becoming a mother, stating, “I don’t just take on projects and roles for the sake of my resume. It’s something I’m passionate about.” am.”

Kaniehtiio’s acting career is still very strong, but she also loves posting adorable photos on Instagram with her cute son. So, Alice, is the Darling star married?

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Is Kanieteio Horn Married?

She is not currently married. However, Kanieteio has had a long-term relationship with boyfriend Bradley LaRocque.

We don’t know exactly when the couple started dating, but what we do know is that Kanieteio became Instagram official with Bradley in 2019. Bradley is also a Canadian actor, appearing in shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale.

Kanieteio's boyfriend, Bradley.

Source: Instagram/@kaniehtiio

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When will “Alice, Darling” hit theaters?

Now that we know Kaniehtiio’s off-screen life is a literal goal, what about the release date for her latest film, Alice, Darling?

The good news — fans of the Canadian actress won’t have to wait long to see her in Alice, Darling. ).

Kaniehtiio also hinted at another upcoming project she’s working on in an interview with Kahnawake News. She said, “I grew up hearing stories about my grandfather, Joe Horn, who faked his own death and ran off to join the circus. I always thought it was great..I know this story.” I said, “We need to make this together.” In the last 10 years, I have never actually partnered with anyone at Kanawake. ”

Alice, Darling premieres on January 20th.

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