Did Jen discover her superpowers on Hulu's "Extraordinary"?

Did Jen discover her superpowers on Hulu’s “Extraordinary”?

Source: Hulu/Disney Plus

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Spoiler alert: This article contains Hulu spoilers extraordinary.

What makes us extraordinary doesn’t always excite us. We look in the mirror and look inside ourselves.

In British author Emma Moran’s new Hulu comedy series, 25-year-old protagonist Jen (Myread Tyres) lacks self-esteem and struggles to adjust to society. Why?She’s the only person she knows without her psychic powers, not to mention her bitterness, which makes her feel normal.

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In this universe, everyone over the age of 18 (most people) develop supernatural Marvel-like powers. It’s like hitting puberty… kinda.

The unlikely “painfully self-aware” heroine sometimes pretends not to care, but in reality, she’ll do anything to discover a supposedly sleeping superpower. Is she just a late bloomer or will her superpowers never come?


Source: Hulu/Disney Plus

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Will Jen unleash her superpowers in Season 1 of ‘Extraordinary’?

When her friend Carrie (Sophia Oxenham) calls her a “brave little soldier,” Jen says, “I don’t have power yet. I’m nothing like a terminal.” She has a scowl on her face and Jen is clearly annoyed. Her knowledge that she has no power is ingrained in her skin and she doesn’t need others to point it out.

Jen tries obscure tips from the internet when it means unleashing her powers (eating the spiciest thing on the menu, braving dentist appointments, etc.) but is afraid to find out the truth. There is a part of her that is

“I’m afraid nothing will ever change. I don’t even have hope. I just… have me,” she tells new buddy (and love interest) Zizlord (Luke Laurason). Perhaps her truth will set her free.

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And while she tries to save money for a clinic that promises to bring out her supernatural powers, she can’t make £12,000.

Thankfully, the man Jen dated, Gordon, who has the power to make people orgasm with subtle touches, offered to pay for the clinic during the season finale titled “Surprise!” .

“We supplement our income by serving unfulfilled women,” Gordon tells Jen. “It’s just pennies. A straight woman just paid off my student loans.”

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Why is @hulu’s “Extraordinary” only 8 episodes long? We need more!

— SrryMissThaxton (@SrryMissThaxton) January 26, 2023

So no, Jen won’t discover her powers by the time the finale credits roll.

A season two renewal was announced for each TV series finale at the show’s launch in London on January 24, 2023. The news comes from Johanna Devereaux, VP of Content for Disney Scripts Her.

I hope the clinic will bring great results to Jen.

All eight episodes of Extraordinary are currently streaming on Hulu in the US. Available to stream on Disney Plus outside the US.


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