Did David Crosby have a liver transplant?

Did David Crosby have a liver transplant?

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David Crosby

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When it was announced that singer David Crosby had died at the age of 81, some fans wanted answers to his former health problems. As of this writing, an official cause of death has yet to be announced. However, there are some breadcrumbs that might lead people to the answer. For example, did David Crosby have a liver transplant? Here’s what we know.

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Did David Crosby have a liver transplant?

For years, David Crosby struggled with a crippling addiction to heroin and cocaine. In 1985, the singer spent a year and a half in prison after being landed on drug charges, according to an interview with CBS News Sunday Morning. . Unfortunately, the damage has already been done.

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David Crosby

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In 1994, David received horrifying news from his doctor. If he doesn’t get a transplant, he will die soon. ”

He is also informed that his wife Jean is pregnant.

“So I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Okay, I’m dying. Am I going to die before I see this baby born?'” he revealed to CBS News.

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David Crosby and Phil Collins

Luckily, the liver transplant was a success with the help of a friend.

“Phil Collins has helped me a lot,” David told The Guardian in February 2014. Yes, Susudio himself partially funded David’s liver transplant.

“I won’t go into specifics. It’s nobody’s business but me and Phil. But he helped me a lot. He’s a dear friend,” he said.

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David Crosby had several health problems before his death.

In July 2019, David opened up about his health and how he’s coping with the idea of ​​dying. Not only did David have a liver transplant and was diagnosed with hepatitis C, but he “survived three heart attacks and had eight stents in his chest,” according to the Los Angeles Times. I knew you were coming for me. All he cared about was spending quality time with him before he left.

“I’m afraid my time here is so short. I’m mad at myself for the time I’ve wasted for at least 10 years just being overwhelmed,” he told the outlet. “It’s really a waste. I should be making music, but it’s embarrassing.”

Luckily, he’s maintained sobriety for decades, made amends where he could, and loved his family.

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Jan Dance and David Crosby

In the 2019 documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name, Yang says that when he’s gone, “I might just disappear. It’s going to be hard to breathe when he’s not here.” .

David, devastated to hear that: “I’m afraid of that too. But actually, we still love each other. And that’s good. Seeing the gift that was given Together. It’s not a coincidence. It’s not easy for me.

Still, his body was beginning to give in to him. “I’ve been hurt a lot. My body is falling apart,” he revealed. .”

Despite the fact that his body failed him, David Crosby’s spirit was not. It’s what happened to you. Like he said in a conversation with the Guardian.

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