Details of the Recent 'Maine Cabin Masters' Lawsuit

Details of the Recent ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ Lawsuit

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Being on a reality show for too long means you’re getting into real-world problems. Whether these issues end up on camera or happen “behind the scenes,” there’s a very good chance drama and scandal will unfold for these reality stars.Maine Cabin Masters Home Her The renovation crew has been scrutinized many times. The home renovation series premiered on his DIY Network in 2017 before moving to Magnolia Network in 2022.

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As of this writing, the series has eight seasons. And these cabin-centric contractors were recently involved in a lawsuit that was settled towards the end of 2022. For more on the Main Cabin Master’s lawsuit and its ultimate outcome, keep reading.

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What was the lawsuit involving the “Main Cabin Masters”?

As the series name suggests, Maine Cabin Masters revolves around a crew of restoration and refurbishment contractors working in a cabin located in Maine. The typical crew consists of contractor Chase Morrill, his sister and designer Ashley Morrill, and Ashley’s carpenter husband Ryan Eldridge. They are also assisted by skilled carpenters her Matt “Dixie” Dix and Jared “Jedi” Baker. Each episode follows the crew as they try to restore a dilapidated cabin while adding the latest features.

According to People, the series was one of DIY Network’s highest-rated series before it moved to Magnolia Network. However, during the series’ run, the crew faced lawsuits alleging that they violated certain safety rules in some of the refurbishments.

News Center Maine reports that a Maine Cabin Masters company flouted lead safety and exposure protocols at five renovations in 2020.

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These renovations reportedly took place on properties built before 1978, the year lead paint was banned due to its harmful effects on humans.

The lawsuit dragged on for over two years while Maine Cabin Masters aired its new season. No settlement was reached until October 2022, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reached a verdict. Ultimately, the Main Cabin Masters crew was forced to pay a $16,500 fine.

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However, they were subsequently able to secure lead renovation, repair, and paint code certification for future work.

This isn’t the first time companies featured on the show have come under some form of scrutiny in the past. It’s whether the renovations are real or not.

In all fairness, if the company had settled a lawsuit in which it was perceived to have neglected lead safety in refurbishment, it’s safe to say their work is genuine.

Catch an episode of Maine Cabin Masters on the Magnolia Network.

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