Dentonic say danth chamkaoo Khoob achay bachay bun jao!!

These are the lines of the advertisement we have grown up listening to.But is it that easy to maintain our dental hygiene just by using a tooth paste or dental tonic?The answer is No, because there are so many other dental problems besides brightening our teeth.

To maintain our dental care we must need to visit the dentist with a heavy pocket.

Yes!! You read it right ,we have to have our pocket full of money to visit the dentist because it’s a fact that dental care is very expensive.


Let’s have a look on some of the  facts that makes dentistry so much expensive;


  • It needs a big set up to install the expensive instruments for dental practice and the dentist has to pay hefty amount for this, so they want the money to be recovered and they found patients the best source for that.
  • The dentist needs to pay the staff which includes nurse, helper and  professional dental technicians for the dental restoration of different things like crowns, veneers and dentures etc, indirectly the patient has to share the cost of paying the help.
  • To provide high quality of dental care and to maintain true professionalism,the dentist has to keep a limit to the number of patients that can be seen in a normal working day and for that he  charges those few patients exceesivesly to pay all the overheads, salaries to the workers for that day.
  • The field of Dentistry has undergone constant update and improvement in terms of technology.Patients these days are able to access much more technology based dental treatments, which costs much more higher than the usual ones. Dentists have to pay some extra amount to keep these instruments updated  so eventually the cost is mostly have to be passed on to patients.
  • Dentistry is a highly regulated industry. Dentists have the responsibility to make sure that their working place  or clinics  are safe for the patients.To achieve this, every dental practice area needs to have infection control standards. This process of making their working place infection free, they have to pay for lots of expensive materials (disposable items), a lot of manpower and working hours.This cost is also shared by the patients.

All in all, dentistry is a costly business, and this is simply  reflected in the fees and for now the new tools and processes  are also altering the  dental fees.

Good luck on your next visit to a dentist!!