“Dead Space” x “Fortnite” collaboration details

“Dead Space” x “Fortnite” collaboration details

Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has never hesitated to do a great collaboration with Fortnite, and it looks like the next big crossover is closer than expected. drop at some point until Curious what Isaac Clarke and the necromorphs have in store for Fortnite? Here’s everything we know about the rumored collaboration.

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The ‘Dead Space’ x ‘Fortnite’ collaboration is likely to include a ton of cosmetics.

Epic Games has yet to confirm a Dead Space collaboration, but some leakers believe it’s only a matter of time. sources speculate it will drop by February 6. Whoever you ask, the crossover will have some new cosmetics, including one outfit, two backpacks, and one pickaxe. Expected to contain…and one emote.

Isaac Clarke Dead Space

Source: EA

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Isaac Clarke is a clear cosmetic choice for Fortnite, but there’s always a chance we’ll see a secondary character, much like Nicole Brennan or Kendra Daniels would. You can, but it might be a little scary in the colorful world of Fortnite.

Will the Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration include other content?

Many Fortnite crossovers come with new challenges, quests, or story updates, but details on these topics weren’t spelled out in the early leaks. They may release new in-game content together, but it’s been quiet at this point. While we have good reason to believe the recent leaks, there’s no guarantee that Dead Space is finding its way into Fortnite.

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For one, the Dead Space remake is gearing up for a January 27th launch. This enhanced version of the game features radically reworked graphics and updated combat mechanics to take full advantage of the processing power of PS5 and Xbox Series X. It’s already garnered a lot of attention, but partnering with Fortnite could be a way to bring the game in front of new audiences.

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Dead Space might seem like a game too violent to team up with light-hearted Fortnite, but it’s not the first mature title to do so.The Witcher 3 is set to offer quests in February. This is a game as dark as Dead Space.

Reminder: Our collaboration with Dead Space will be available either tonight or tomorrow!

I’m pretty sure it’s tonight, but I’m including both dates in this tweet in case you’re confusing timezones right now.

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) January 23, 2023

Epic Games has yet to confirm details about its collaboration with Dead Space, so stay tuned for more details to come. (including the reintroduction of

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