Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has undoubtedly shaken the whole world in the past ten months. It has been unlike anything our generation has faced to date.

Ever since the discovery of COVID-19 in December, everyone is in a state of uncertainty.

Everyone’s mind is swarming with questions. Like, Is it over yet? Can we go back to living our lives the way we did before Coronavirus created chaos?

And the most asked question: Do I still have to wear a mask?

The answer to these questions is not simple. We need to understand that a virus after it enters a host is as much alive as we are!

Imagine the number of people worldwide right now infected by COVID-19; all those people are carriers. They have the full potential of transmitting the virus to countless other people.

That’s why a virus can’t be eliminated overnight. You can’t wake up one bright morning to find out that COVID-19 has been eradicated from the world; that the nightmare is over.


Coronavirus vaccine update:


By now, you might be thinking about the vaccine. You might be wondering that even though researchers from all over the world have been working on the case, why hasn’t a vaccine been introduced yet?

Before answering that, think of a scenario. You eat a dish at a restaurant, and you like it immensely. This dish is like nothing you have eaten before. You plan to decode the secret recipe to that dish so that you can make it at home and who knows, you might make it even better. But before doing so, you will have to eat that dish again and again until you get hold of what ingredients constitute it. Right?

Similarly, Covid-19 is a new virus. Researchers have no previous knowledge of it. They have been working tirelessly for the past ten months to understand the genome of the Coronavirus. Once they know which part is the disease-causing part, they will be able to develop a Coronavirus vaccine. Which in itself is a very long process.



Do you know how long it takes to launch an average vaccine or medicine in the market for public use? Take your guess. Two years? Five years?


It takes 14 years to introduce an FDA approved medicine/vaccine in the market. Shocking, right?

That’s why you need to understand that, sadly, Coronavirus is here to stay. It can’t vanish overnight. Even if the rate of infection has decreased in some of the countries, Coronavirus is still there. It can attack back anytime. It is being said that Coronavirus has one of the biggest known RNA genomes. Viruses are very clever organisms. Who knows that maybe Coronavirus is mutating its genome or in layman terms; perhaps it is changing itself according to the new challenges that it is facing. The larger the genome, the greater chances of mutation. What if in the second wave it strikes back with even more power than before?

Not to scare you, but this is the reality. The sooner you accept it, the better.


What should you do?


  • The least you could do is to sanitize & wash your hands frequently.
  • Wear a mask whenever you go outside.
  • Maintain a safe distance from everyone else (at least 6 feet).

Lastly, don’t believe in what a layman has to say about a virus. When you don’t trust a non-certified person to do your surgery, then how could you trust the words of random people when it comes to a deadly virus?

Listen to health care professionals and stay safe!