Coronavirus spread rapidly all over the globe and became fatal in no time. Staying in the situation of pandemic not only affected other things but the market and other businesses. However, for now, everyone on their own is struggling to take precautionary measures to keep their environment clean, tidy, and healthy. It is not the first time that someone is confined at home. There are many stays home people who work, earn, and spend time. However, coronavirus has become pandemic, and people are forced to stay at home because of the quarantine and the breakdown. All the businesses, schools, and other institutions have shut down, and people have locked themselves in their homes. Now, it depends on the situation for how long we have to stay at home. Staying at home has started to cause disturbance for the people who are the only breadwinners of their families. Here are some ideas to work from and earn while sitting in your home.

1. Do Freelance Work: freelancing is now a day, and every other person is earning a handsome amount out of it. Freelancing can include writing (academic and content), videography, makeup artists, voiceovers, translation of the news, and many more.

2. Answer Online Surveys: People nowadays get their university surveys done by random people who charge to fill them out. You can start it through a proper channel, fill out questionnaires daily, and earn a good amount.

3. Teach Students Online: Nowadays, people prefer online tuition because they do not have enough time to go out of the home. It saves time and energy wasted by travelling from one place to another. Therefore, various organizations provide online tutors by registering them after their complete satisfaction. This helps in assuring reliability and maintains trust.

4. Develop Educational Courses: senior people should make an organization, which provides the educational course guidelines and outlines. This will help the students and make it easier to access all the necessary things they want to. Of course, you will be paid for creating frameworks and guidelines. However, you can go for the essential books, etc. too.

5. Create YouTube Tutorials & Sell Ads: the best source of income these days is YouTube, which provides people with the best platform to earn and become successful. Make tutorials, makeup videos, Vlogs, informative videos, cooking videos, lectures, and much more. It is one of the best time passes and an earning method.

6. Make something and Sell It on Etsy: handcrafting is one of the most in-demand items. Make DIY projects, woven items, food products, hand-made jewellery, and other products. Make them, sell them on the official website of Etsy, and make your way out to earn this way.

7. Sell Your Photos to Stock Agencies: people love hand-made paintings, portraits, drawings, sketches, etc. Such items will sell like hot dogs and make more customers from across the world. It is one of the best ways to kill time and earn while you sit at home.

The key to master your nerves is to control your brain and train it to work according to your will. This way, you can achieve and master the key to success.