Electrical types of equipment are always washed off by canned dusters. But obviously you need to be experienced in using them. Because canned air is different from the air we inhale. This product is made up of gas that is compressed into a liquid and then canned. They are best for the keen cleanliness of computer systems or laptops.

Several online stores “compressed air dusters” provides all kinds of canned air cleaners. They vary in quality, range, and types. Every particular air cleaner is used for different purposes.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Electric compressed air duster: also known as power duster, is and environment friendly. The hurricane shoots air which is simple and pure. Electric compressed air duster is preferred more than canned air duster as it doesn’t freeze or burst out at uncertain levels. It is a bit easier than other tools in usage and much safer too. It is a permanent cleaning solution. It is much more powerful than the canned air dusters. You just need to charge it over again when its battery dies out.
  2. Canned compressed air dusters: also known as a gas duster, are used to clean electronics and other sensitive devices that cannot be cleaned by any other means like water, moisturizer, or some cloth. It is in the form of the can which has a nozzle on its head. And when the nozzle is shot the gas comes out and cleans the area. Do not hold it upside down. It can result in cold burns if the liquid falls off on the hand. Though it is necessary to apply lubricant before using the gas dusters to avoid any mishap.
  3. High-pressure air duster: it is used to bray paint, for cylinders, for automation and to apply force to vehicles. It is an important medium for transferring energy in industrial processes. It is also used by divers underwater for breathing purposes. Divers carry high-pressure cylinders filled with high-pressure air dusters through airline or divers umbilical. Firefighters also use them in emergency situations. The industrial area is hazardous and people often tend to use high-pressure air dusters in such environments too.
  4. Rechargeable battery air dusters: air batteries are recharged the same as you recharge your phone. It gives you many hours of cleaning time. It has high power. One of the strongest units. It blows away all the other units. It is equal to 5000 of a traditional duster. Hence, saving money is a plus point. It is user friendly and can be used in rooms as well where there are no chemicals or other explosives.
  5. USB rechargeable cordless duster: as by name it has no leads or cords. It is easy to carry and is portable. It is multifunctional. It can easily clean minor parts of an electronic device. It has 2 vacuums and 2 nozzles which allow you to reach the tightest place of the device. It can dry and inhale dust with its brush nozzle.

Hence, opt for the option that suits best to your car.