Parents are the primary caregivers and yet hold so much impotence in shaping the behavior of their children. Let’s not think parents are some flawless superheroes, yes they make mistakes, and that’s the purity of a human. Still, some common parenting mistakes can lead to the development of maladaptive behavior in children. Later maladaptive behaviors cause many psychological disturbances. Six common parenting mistakes are in this article that needs avoidance.

Common parenting MistakesComparing children with others

Sometimes it’s a parenting style that induces an inferiority complex because it brings their children feelings of insignificant in front of others. Parents compare their children with others, and it disappoints them. When children feel insignificant to society they lose the courage of achievement and move toward an inferiority complex. The complex can interfere with their healthy personality development and lead to maladaptive personalities.

Lack of Communication

Parents don’t promote healthy communication is the most practiced and common parenting mistake. Not having family discussions and reduced attention towards children can induce the feeling of worthlessness. On the other hand, lack of communication doesn’t share a bond between parents and children. Children suppress their feelings from primary caregivers and don’t feel the power of support in their life. There should be hand full of communication in order to liberate children from things they are going through.

Extra pampering

Extra pampering, attention, protection, and care are something parents think are healthy for their children. In reality, it steals the independence and self-confidence of children and shatters their personalities. It doesn’t provide them with space to open their wings and flourish. Such children depend on others for their decisions, and when life hits, they look for someone to take them out of the situation. Children remain self-centered and don’t learn social and decision-making skills.

Stigmatizing sentiments 

Creating unattainable standards and giving ridiculous remarks on the feelings of children is another common parenting mistake. If a child secures fewer marks in an exam, instead of blaming or shaming them, talk about the reason for low grades. Try to figure out the ways they can make it work. Allow you children to talk about their all kind of emotions so when grow up they don’t isolate themselves when they feel something other than happiness.

Conditional love

Parents play “if” games with their children and provoke them to follow their provided paths. Being obedient towards authority is good. Opting for a few money-making fields is success, showing emotions for men are not acceptable, and independence of women is not a rightful act. At first, it causes anxiety, but later it grows into maladaptive behavior. There should be unconditional positive regard or love for children yet keeping rules at their place.

Promoting negative behavior

The common parenting mistake that is conducted so often is the promotion of negative behavior. For instance, beating children after listening to the truth will make children try to hide the actual thing and become habitual to lying. Not responding to child’s calls or giving too much attention when they show tantrums can make them noisy, low tempered, and irritating. It requires keen observation and behavioral assessments to find the threshold between control and healthy upbringing.

There should be balance in the ways of the upbringing of children. Parents should try to understand the nature of their children and also mold them carefully. Share this article with parents so they don’t carry out these common parenting mistakes.