“Child marriage is a union of a girl or a boy who hasn’t turned 18 yet.” Moreover, it is also seen that a young girl of 10 or 11 is forced to marry a man much older than her. These kinds of marriages were more common in early eras, but nowadays these have become a statutory crime because these are undoubtedly a violation of children’s rights.

History of child marriage in the subcontinent:-

In ancient times, life was more complicated and limited to females. Men considered them the most irresponsible and unpredictable part of society. Women had no freedom or right to reside willingly. Also, their parents consider them an ultimate burden. That is the reason child marriages proceeded to occur. Then it became a tradition to marry girls of age 9 or 10. Either to a young boy or an old man.

Child marriages in Pakistan:-

According to research, 21% of girls are married before the age of 18 and about 3% are those who get married even before their 15 birthday. The overall number of this kind of marriages, is usually more in countrified areas and villages. You should note that Pakistan has become the sixth country with a high number of child marriages.

What are the main causes of child marriage?

Child marriage has now become a problematic issue and may have the following reasons,.
1. Poverty
2. Gender inequality
3. Culture or tradition
4. High insecurity
5. Dowry
6. Price brides

Bad effects of child marriage:-

Girls under 18 are simply not ready to become wives and take responsibility. They are unfit both physically and mentally, for this union. Therefore, child wedlock leads to the following bad impacts on children’s lives.


Child nuptials leads to illiteracy as many children after marriage discontinues their studies due to certain circumstances. It is thus the destruction of their future. Also it is considered that women are only born to cook food.

Health risk:-

Child marriage can cause serious health issues in teenage girls. They may have indications of stress or depression which may lead to a serious disorder and hence death.

Early pregnancy:-

Moreover, early pregnancy can cause complications and hence death. Modern research says that about 70,000 girls are expiring each year because of early pregnancy complications and during childbirth. Because the body of a young girl is not physically mature enough to give birth to a baby.



Poverty is a tremendously bad impact of child wedding. An increase in the number of people in a family and limited income will surely leave the family in deprivation.

The country with the highest child marriage rate:-

Niger is the country in which the percentage of children who are married under 18 is highest.

How to stop child marriage?

The following can be the best notches to stop or somehow reduce the rate of child union.


Education can entrust the girls with knowledge and can polish their skills. Through which they can become a strong member of the community.

Financial support:-

We can stop child marriages by providing financial support to the needy girls and their families.

Awareness of parents:-

Eliciting awareness in parents, and society members can be useful to stop child wedding.