Chairman Cha of ‘Gil Bok-soon’, ‘Did you really love Gil Bok-soon?’ Cha Min-gyu died?

Chairman Cha, or Cha Min-gyu, should not have met Gil Bok-soon. Bok-sun was supposed to be at school when he came to kill his father. However, when Bok-soon returned early, he knew he had to kill her too, as he couldn’t leave any witnesses after the show. He was surprised when he found out there […]

“Murder Mystery 2” Ending, Explained: Who is Connor Miller? Who Kidnapped Maharajah Vikram?

Nick and Audrey are back on the case to solve another murder mystery that unfolds at Maharajah Vikram’s wedding. “Murder Mystery 2” is similar in structure to the first part. After solving their first case together in Europe, Nick and Audrey quit their respective jobs to pursue careers as private detectives. A lousy approach and […]

Murder Mystery 2 Review: Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston-Led Action Comedy Is A Good Time

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans, Terence Stamp, Gemma Arterton, David Walliams, John Kani, Siori Kutsuna and Adeel Akhtar? i haven’t. At that time, I knew that the movie existed. i saw the trailer. It didn’t interest me. So I moved to greener pastures. So you can imagine how surprised I was when Netflix announced […]

‘Gil Bok Soon’ Gil Bok Soon and Jae Young Explain: How to Explore Mother-Daughter Relationships?

The South Korean action thriller film Gil Bok-soon is primarily about the dangerous world of contract murder, but there’s plenty of stress in the family drama aspect as well. It is also evident from the time in her life chosen for. Not only is Bok-sun a single mother, which in itself is a troubling role […]

Mid-credits of ‘Kill Bok-soon’ explained: Will Jae-young become a killer like his mother?

Watching “Kill Boksoon” reminded me of a character from one of my favorite books, “The Kite Runner.” He is the main character’s father and tells his son Amir that stealing is the basis of all crimes, and that murder is nothing less than the stealing of life. No, but I couldn’t help but compare Boksoon […]

‘Kill Boksoon’ Ending, Explained: Did Jae-Young Find Out About Her Mother’s Profession? Is Cha Min-kyu Dead?

Netflix’s new South Korean action thriller film “Kill Boksoon” is the tale of a masterful assassin who struggles to find a balance between her professional and personal lives. Along with being a respected worker in the contract killer world, Gil Bok-soon is also a single mother to a teenage girl, Gil Jae-yeong, who she has […]

Kill Boxon Review: A brilliant crime thriller with bloody battles and heartwarming mother-daughter drama

Action movies have always been male-centric. In the good old days, women were relegated to the role of eye candy. But as audiences and the film industry progressed, actresses began to act just as much as male actresses. But the truth of the matter is, it takes a long time to break the glass ceiling, […]

‘From Me To You’ Ending, Explained: Do Kuronuma, Kazehaya, & Yanoa Go To Colleges Of Their Choice?

We feel like it’s been a long time since we have seen something that just wants to pamper our senses. Every day, all streaming platforms either release some new action flick, a biopic, a mystery, or another unappealing love story, and it has been a while since something has just taken its time. “From Me […]

“From Me to You” Review Youth love story that understands the real troubles of teens

“From Me to You Kimi ni Todoke” is a love story set in the high school days of Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya. The series begins with their love story, but also delves into the complexities of the high school experience through a wealth of characters. In “From Me to You,” a real-life high school […]

‘Unstable’ Ending, Explained: Do Ellis & Jackson Get Over Their Differences? Can There Be A Season 2?

“Unstable” would have benefited more from being a sitcom than it has from being a short, eight-episode series. Everything about it, right from the eccentricities of the characters to the plots, screams sitcom material, but we suppose Netflix did not sanction that. It wasn’t a wise move since that reduced what could have been hilarious […]

Netflix ‘Unseen’ Ending, Explained: Is Zenzi Dead? What Will Happen To Theron And Harting?

Adapted from the Turkish drama “Fatma,” the South African series “Unseen” follows the life of a woman named Zenzi, who, after the disappearance of her husband, finds that he had been involved with the wrong people. Zenzi had no trust in the system, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and find […]

‘Wellmania’ ending, explained: Why was Liv afraid of her past? Can we expect season 2?

Food writer and workaholic Liv Healy decided to explore every wellness trend to get her health back. The Netflix series Wellmania is about her Liv’s humorous quest to find the true meaning of health. With an opportunity to judge her TV show, Liv finally made her dream come true. Before embarking on her new journey, […]

‘Wellmania’ Season 1 Review: A Humorous Interpretation Finding the Meaning of Wellness

With over 9.5 million followers on Instagram, Celeste Barber is popular for her hilarious videos that tease beauty standards. Not all celebrities agree with her approach, but her celebrity photo imitations squeeze humor and promote body positivity. doesn’t complain about it. She brings a comedic style to Liv Healy’s character. Hood in her 40s living […]

“Divorce Lawyer Shin” Episodes 7 and 8 Recap & Ending Commentary-Was Ma Chun-seok’s Innocence Proved?

In “Divorce Lawyer Shin” Episode 6, when Shin Sung-han finds out that Jin Young-joo was the last person to call his sister right before he was hit by a truck. . His only purpose in wanting to see Yoo-seok was to annoy him because he despised him so much. I got to the point where […]

Maddy Redfield explains on ‘Agents of the Night’: Will she expose Ashley in Season 2?

When we were first introduced to the daughter of incumbent Vice President Maddy Redfield, we knew she, like other girls and men her age, hated being told what to do, crave privacy, Often thought to be very reckless. approach. Maddie didn’t have a large social circle, but she did hang out with the same group […]

Diane Farr of ‘Night Agent’ explained: Did she really betray her country?

Diane Farr, who served as chief of staff in the government led by President Travers on the Netflix series Detective of the Night, seems like the only person who worked for the welfare of the nation and who had no vices. Looked. She is a loyalist, and she has very bluntly stated that she will […]

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” Ending, Description: Did Neha steal the diamond? What about Ankit?

‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ feels like a script written days before the deadline. It technically remains an okay watch, but it could have been better if the writers cared about explaining some points better. For example, why was Ankit’s target Neha in the first place? If he knew of her underworld connections, why didn’t he […]

‘Night Agent’ Vice President Ashley Redfield Explains: Was He a Traitor?

As far as we understand, Ashley Redfield’s character in “The Night Agent” season 1 seemed overly ambitious and a traitor. He wasn’t the kind of person to stay dormant just because he had a position that many people didn’t consider important. The general idea is that the title of Vice President carries no significant duties. […]

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Review: Disorienting First Half, Loopholes, Unexpected Show Stealers

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga”, which translates to “The Thief Has Escaped”, has a disorienting first half but a stronger second half. It’s not immune to loopholes, but I wasn’t expecting an airtight script to begin with, so that’s fine. Maybe that’s why supporting character Sharad Kelker, rather than the lead, stole the show. Yami Gautam […]