‘The Unheard’ Ending, Explained: What Was Joshua Up To? What Had Happened To Chloe’s Mother?

“The Unheard” is a new Shudder film that begins with an interesting premise—what if someone without the ability to hear can be made to hear again with the help of a pioneering technology? Along with the benefits and joys of being able to hear sounds, the individual might also have a tough time dealing with […]

“Blood” ending, explained: Is Owen dead or alive? What is the meaning of the tree?

Brad Anderson’s new movie “Blood” is being talked about as a new horror movie. Heavy on symbolism and dripping with references to mythology and satanic culture, Blood does an excellent job of subtly offering more vampire-centric content in a market flooded with apocalyptic films. It also does a better job of portraying a more realistic […]

Children of the Corn Ending Explanation: Did Boleyn stop Eden and The Corn Monster?

Despite the disastrous first film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Fritz Kirsch’s “The Corn Children” has spawned eight sequels, one remake by Donald P. Borchers, and an outright revival by Kurt Wimmer. It’s really wild to have spawned a new adaptation. The 1984 movie was plain old and boring. It took an intriguing and haunting […]

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey ending, explained: What happened to Bear, Piglet and Christopher?

Written and directed by Lys Flake Waterfield, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey brings a sinister twist to one of our favorite childhood characters and brings a story full of blood and violence. determined to create and change forever the sweet memories we saw. animation. The film fails to keep you hooked because it fails […]

“Consecration” ending, explained: Was the relic that honor student’s mother wanted to destroy really a blessing?

Christopher Smith is the man behind great movies like ‘Creep’, ‘Severance’, ‘Triangle’ and ‘The Black Death’. So it’s definitely disappointing to see him hang around in a Scottish church for years, throwing out so much information at the end of act 3 in hopes of making the “Consecration” amusing. There was no. Anyway, the film […]

“Unwelcome” ending, explained: What did Maya do to protect her baby? Who was the old lady?

“Unwelcome” can be described as a horror comedy. It starts off as a horror movie, but the second half is pretty comical. The script is average, the acting is average, and the ending is hilariously silly. It’s no exaggeration to say that cute little goblins take center stage in this folk horror comedy. Maya and […]

Spoonful of Sugar Ending Explanation: What was Millicent’s plan? Was Johnny a serial killer?

Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan, Shudder’s Spoonful of Sugar revolves around Millicent, a 21-year-old medical student working on a dissertation focused on children with severe allergies. When she sees an “ad for babysitting” by Johnny, who is allergic to almost everything in existence, she reacts to it. Johnny’s mother, Rebecca, writes a book on sex, […]

Who are Yoshiko Onoyama and Asuka Morisaki from the end credits of “Re/Member”? Will there be a sequel?

In the Netflix thriller “Re/Member,” high school students Asuka, Takahiro, Rumiko, Rie, Shota, and Atsushi are caught in a time loop that repeats the 5th of July. could not be decrypted. They were chosen to be a part of it, and secondly, what the red one wanted. Shota was the first to actually achieve a […]

“Offering” Ending Description: Did Claire and her baby survive? What happened to Art?

Directed by Oliver Park, ‘The Offering’ is an old-school horror film about how a Jewish family dealt with a child-stealing demon. Jump scares are heavily used in this movie, which is somewhat interesting to watch. The female demon Abizou, also known as the “Child Abductor”, is part of ancient culture and has been depicted in […]