Chairman Cha of ‘Gil Bok-soon’, ‘Did you really love Gil Bok-soon?’ Cha Min-gyu died?

Chairman Cha, or Cha Min-gyu, should not have met Gil Bok-soon. Bok-sun was supposed to be at school when he came to kill his father. However, when Bok-soon returned early, he knew he had to kill her too, as he couldn’t leave any witnesses after the show. He was surprised when he found out there […]

‘Bholaa’ Vs. ‘Kaithi’: Is Ajay Devgn’s Film Better Than The Lokesh Kanagaraj Classic?

“Bholaa” is an official remake of “Kaithi.” But, for better or for worse, it’s not a frame-by-frame copy of the original. They share the overarching narrative of an ex-convict rescuing a bunch of police officers from imminent death and a newly-appointed but aging policeman protecting a police station from gangsters. However, there are some minor […]

“Gaslight” (2023) Review: Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangada Singh, Fighting Boredom and Ghosts

Pavan Kirpalani has given us one of the greatest horror movies of all time in the form of ‘Phobia’ starring Radhika Apte. A movie that taught me about agoraphobia and taught me what the fear of leaving home and being with many people is like. On top of that, it had some interesting twists and […]

“The True Lie” Episode 5: Recap and Ending Explained – Could Omega Sector Save Max?

In “True Lies” Episode 5, the Omega Sector Super Spy was once again on a mission called “Operation Walk in the Park”. Helen graduated from internship to become a full-time spy agency employee, so she, too, was on the scene with the others. Maria and Luther’s task was to find the target. Helen listened to […]

‘Bholaa’ ending, explained: Is it connected to the Lokesh Cinematic Universe? Is there a ‘Bholaa 2’?

The official remake of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s ‘Kaithi’, Ajay Devgn star ‘Bholaa’ follows the famous character on his way to meet his daughter Jyothi. However, he was wrongfully arrested and taken to IG Jayant Malik’s farewell party. Attending that party is Diana Joseph, the IPS agent who overturned the drug racket and arrested one of the […]

‘Big Mack: Gangsters And Gold’ Explained – Where Is Donald Stellwag Now? Was Stellwag Guilty?

The new German Netflix documentary film, “Big Mack: Gangsters and Gold,” is an interesting piece on the life of Donald Stellwag, a normal citizen in Germany. But where Stellwag’s life and story crossed over from the usual to the extraordinary was a fateful day in 1992 when he was picked up by the police as […]

Netflix ‘Unseen’ Ending, Explained: Is Zenzi Dead? What Will Happen To Theron And Harting?

Adapted from the Turkish drama “Fatma,” the South African series “Unseen” follows the life of a woman named Zenzi, who, after the disappearance of her husband, finds that he had been involved with the wrong people. Zenzi had no trust in the system, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and find […]

‘Will Trent’ Episode 10: Recap and Ending Explained – Who Kills the Family in the Trailer Park?

In this tenth episode of ABC’s detective drama series Will Trent, the question posed very early on in the show is finally answered. In addition to this, there is also a new case for GBI agents to investigate as an entire family living in a trailer in the woods was killed by a group of […]

‘The Watchful Eye’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Alice Greyborne? Will There Be A Season 2?

The final episode of “The Watchful Eye” proves that deception runs deep in the Greyborne family. Believing Matthew’s innocence, Elena is shocked by Matthew’s sudden arrest. Her plans to extort money from Charlotte Ivy were put on hold as a result of her family’s crisis. Elena’s mother, Ronnie, returns to her former life and demands […]

‘Perry Mason’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained: Were the Gallardo Brothers Guilty?

Paul concludes that the Gallardo brothers are responsible for Brooks McCutcheon’s murder after discovering that Brooks McCutcheon matches bullet holes at the crime scene. He feared his discovery would ruin the case Perry Mason was building. Additionally, Perry had limbs and Paul believed Perry was truthful enough to drop the case. He couldn’t stick to […]

Explaining the Similarities Between Indian and Greek Mythology in the ‘John Wick’ Universe

Drawing inspiration from mythology and creating characters that transcend commonly perceived notions of right and wrong have been hallmarks of every film in the John Wick franchise. From Hercules in Greek mythology to Khan in Hindu mythology, glimpses of these mythological heroes in John Wick’s characters add depth to the overall story and make it […]

“The Company You Keep” Episode 5: Recap and Ending, Explained: Did Emma Discover Charlie’s Secret?

in the last episode Charlie and his family have managed to get $10 million from scammer Robert Renway. Charlie is spotted by him at a charity party hosted by Emma’s parents. But he quickly slipped into character and got around it. He didn’t quite get along with her parents because of his conniving demeanor and […]

“Rabbit Hole” Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Is John’s Father Alive?

The “Rabbit Hole” episode is fast-paced, and not only should I give it high marks, but credit should also be given to the background score that really adds to the drama on screen. Going to be the comic relief for this series, so far I like her acting. As for the series itself, the editing […]

“Rabbit Hole” Episode 1: Recap and Ending Explained – Will John Weir Run from the Police?

We learn something new every day and today we learned that there are jobs like John Weir, organizing corporate espionage and losing millions of dollars just by lining up a few coincidences . With only his first two episodes out, “Rabbit Hole” is already impressive, and its crisp editing helps elevate an already grim script. […]

“The True Lie” Episode 4: Recap and Ending, Explained – Will Wolfe and Harry Catch the Assassin?

In “True Lies” episode 4, an international summit was being held in Brussels, Belgium, but the location was attacked by a group of terrorists. No one knew where they came from or who sent them. The incident caused an uproar in the international media, at which time Omega Sector was put on a loop to […]

‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – What Happens to Bill Ochoa?

The third season of “Truth Be Told” was very fulfilling. It has maintained a steady pace, but it’s the understated approach to the case that best conveys the trauma the victims have to go through. trying to uncover the mastermind behind the It begins when a black girl named Drea goes missing, but the police […]

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” Ending, Description: Did Neha steal the diamond? What about Ankit?

‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ feels like a script written days before the deadline. It technically remains an okay watch, but it could have been better if the writers cared about explaining some points better. For example, why was Ankit’s target Neha in the first place? If he knew of her underworld connections, why didn’t he […]

“Bheed” Ending Description: Will Surya help Trivedi escape? What will happen to Trivedi?

Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Bheed’ centers around the exodus of Indian migrant workers witnessed during COVID-19. The central government announced a nationwide lockdown on March 24, 2020 to combat the spread of the virus. However, with a large portion of the country’s population dependent on a daily wage, the closure left them penniless and forced them to […]